These Women Are Changing the World

Women comprise almost 51% of the population — and they’re even more of a dominant force in the farm animal protection and advocacy movement! The vast majority of humans working in this field have always been female, from chefs to front-line activists to those leading organizations. These rock star advocates deserve accolades for their remarkable work to create a kinder …

Research: Oppression of Animals and Women Linked

A new study, published in the journal of Feminism and Psychology, draws ties between attitudes about meat eating and gender, and sexism. Researchers Ashley Allcorn and Shirley M. Ogletree, who surveyed hundreds of undergraduate students at a Texas university, write that their findings “empirically supported ‘the linked oppression thesis,’ that gender and animal attitudes are connected.” “As hypothesized, pro meat-eating …

March Forward Together: Celebrating Women’s History Month

On International Women’s Day and in honor of Women’s History Month, we are honoring all of the strong and compassionate women working to build a kinder world for animals and humans alike. Compassion Over Killing is one of few female-led farm animal protection organizations, and with women holding top leadership positions. Yet, we know that the vast majority of our …

vegan for her

Q&A: Dietitian Virginia Messina Dishes on “Vegan for Her”

While there’s an abundance of research overwhelmingly supporting the health benefits of choosing plant-based foods, there isn’t much out there specifically addressing women’s unique physical and life experiences—and our corresponding nutritional needs—until now.

Vegan for Her: The Woman’s Guide to Being Healthy and Fit on a Plant-Based Diet, by dietitian and Vegan for Life co-author Virginia Messina with recipes and tips by lifestyle coach and blogger JL Fields, offers women practical information for optimal health throughout their life.