10 Amazing New Vegan Products Hitting Shelves Soon

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There’s never been a better time to be vegan. It just keeps getting easier with new products, restaurants, and recipes sprouting up everywhere you look! Demand for animal-free alternatives to products like meat and dairy milk is skyrocketing, as consumers are  increasingly choosing healthier and kinder plant-based foods. Vegan eating has truly made the mainstream, and everyone from Miley Cyrus to Russell Simmons to the …

Join the Fun! Thousands Pledging with Celebs for VegWeek

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If you’ve thought about eating more meatless foods but aren’t sure where to start, then mark your calendar for Monday, April 17 — that’s when COK’s ninth annual VegWeek celebration kicks off! Get a head start by pledging TODAY at VegWeek.com! You’ll unlock exclusive deals from our VegWeek Partners — and get your chance at prizes, too! It’s easy: simply pledge today …

2 Ways You Can Help Pigs on National Pig Day

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It’s National Pig Day! Did you know that pigs have excellent long-term memories? That they can learn what a mirror image is? Read more about these remarkably intelligent and social animals and what they have to say. They’re even smarter than dogs, the beloved companion animals with whom so many of us share our homes! Still, sadly, more than 115 million …

Reader’s Choice: COK’s Top 6 Blogs of 2016

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Wow: Together, we’ve truly demonstrated the power of change in 2016! As we look back at all Compassion Over Killing has been able to achieve for farm animals this year with your support, we’re celebrating YOU and all you do to help us build a kinder tomorrow. Standing united, we’re changing the world for animals through our hard-hitting investigations, strategic …

VegWeek 2016 Success: Stars Align & Thousands Try Veg

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VegWeek 2016 has been a huge success: the stars aligned, from well-known athletes and celebrities to our partners and recruiters, empowering thousands of friends, family and followers to explore the world of meat-free eating for at least one week! Spanning April 18-24, VegWeek 2016 marked Compassion Over Killing’s eighth consecutive year of this week-long international campaign celebrating vegetarian eating. The …

Celebrities Inspire Thousands to Join VegWeek!

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There are 52 weeks in a year. Why not make at least one meat-free? That’s the inspiring message behind COK’s VegWeek, an international week-long celebration of vegetarian eating that coincides with Earth Day, this year spanning April 18-24. Thousands commit to explore plant-based eating during VegWeek by taking a 7-Day VegPledge. And they’re in good company with support and inspiration from …

Plant-Based Veggie Grill is Set to Sprout Up Nationwide

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As Americans continue to clamor for more veg-strong options — and less meat and dairy — the West coast-based Veggie Grill is coming to the rescue. After much success and accolades, this popular vegan chain is now setting its sights on expanding coast to coast, according to Nation’s Restaurant News.  The largest, most successful vegetarian restaurant chain in the US, Veggie …

US VegWeek

US VegWeek Kicks Off Today! Join the Fun

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The sixth annual US VegWeek kicks off today! This nationwide campaign, which starts on Meatless Monday and the day before the 44th annual Earth Day, empowers people to create a kinder, greener, and healthier world, simply by choosing vegetarian foods. In the words of late Wisconsin Senator Gaylord Nelson who founded Earth Day, “Our goal is not just an environment …

School Menu

School Menus Go Veg, Plant Seeds for Healthy Eating

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With nationwide childhood obesity rates reaching unprecedented levels, it’s clear that the time has come to swap the greasy cafeteria “mystery” meatloaf and fatty chicken nuggets out for healthier protein-packed plant-based options. This cafeteria conversion is well underway in schools across the US — from Meatless Mondays to all veg menus — and it’s good news for our health, the planet, and animals.