Vegan Outreach: Connecting with Your Target Audience

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Tabling at DC VegFest 2011If you’re reading this, chances are you’re a bit of a walking encyclopedia on vegetarian eating. You know which store near you sells Daiya cheese at the best price, which kind of non-dairy milk goes best with your favorite coffee or tea, and know a heavy handful of compelling statistics on how factory farming pollutes our water and air, wastes resources, and is a truly horrific system to live and die within.

Even with all of this important knowledge running through our heads, it’s always good to take a step back and re-evaluate our strategies and talking points in an effort to try to be as effective as we can when advocating for animals.   

Video: Egg-Free Baking Easy as Pie

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easy vegan egg-free bakingDid you know that almond or peanut butter can be used instead of eggs when making cookies? Or that mashed beans help make a deliciously moist egg-free brownie?

Learn more quick and easy vegan baking tips and tricks by watching Compassion Over Killing’s new “Egg Replacer” video featured on and

Proud to Serve: Reaching out to Restaurants

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Restaurant DecalA major factor preventing numerous people from seriously exploring veganism is simply convenience. Those who’ve had no experience with veganism often find the thought of finding vegan options daunting, and because of this, COK has worked closely with dozens of restaurants to create or expand their meat-free menus. Our goal is to help make vegan eating as easy as possibly by ensuring that animal-friendly options are widely available.

Ask Me Why I’m Vegetarian & New Cards!

Compassion Over Killing Staff Outreach

shirt_logo_why_big-215x171.jpgCOK’s popular “Ask Me Why a I’m Vegetarian” t-shirt offers more than just a message. When you wear this shirt around town, it encourages others to strike up a conversation giving you the opportunity to discuss the many benefits of leaving animals off our plates.

And to help send this message home, every time someone asks you “Why?” you can now give them our new business card, reminding them to visit our website for more information and to request a free Vegetarian Starter Guide.  The back of the card offers an empowering message: “every time we sit down to eat, each one of us can stand up for animals, our health, and the planet simply by choosing vegetarian foods.”

COK Hits a Home Run with Vegan Feed-In at Nationals Stadium!

Compassion Over Killing Staff Outreach

Michelle and Aashish serve up delicious veg food!COK staff and volunteers were out on the streets of DC again to promote compassion: this time, in front of the Washington Nationals’ baseball stadium. On May 2, before the game started, we gave away over 100 free Field Roast  vegan sausauge samples to veg-curious passersby! The response was wonderful: in addition to dozens of people asking where they could get veggie hot dogs and sausages, several people came back after tasting the Field Roast to tell us how much they liked it and to pick up more information about vegetarian eating to share with their friends and family.