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Taco Bell to Test New Vegetarian & Vegan Menu

Compassion Over Killing Staff Blog

As it stands, Taco Bell might be the most vegan-friendly fast food chain in the United States, with seemingly endless ways to veganize menu items. And in 2019, the chain is taking that one step further. In its new seven commitments for 2019, Taco Bell announced a resolution to test a dedicated vegetarian menu with some brand new items, including …

Guardian Reports: Milk Surplus Wastes Millions of Tons Annually

Compassion Over Killing Staff Blog

VegNews reports that recent research by Edinburg University for The Guardian revealed that about one in every six pints of milk is wasted. This amounts to a whopping 128 million tons of waste annually! This waste of milk products is happening throughout production, during delivery, and at the hands of retail and consumers. But what’s truly baffling is that even …

ACTION ALERT: Ask Firehouse Subs for a Vegan Option!

Compassion Over Killing Staff Blog, Campaigns

Firehouse Subs prides itself on the life-saving equipment it provides first responders, and there’s no doubt this chain is big on doing good. But what about providing a sub that is healthier for its consumers, better for the environment, and spares the suffering of animals? By omitting resource-intensive animal-based ingredients, a vegan sandwich could help Firehouse Subs achieve a much …

Turkey Sales Plummet as Vegan Thanksgiving Options Expand

Compassion Over Killing Staff Blog, Veg Eating

As sales are rising for vegan foods, the animal agriculture industry is feeling the pressure. Approaching Thanksgiving, turkey sales are already down, with companies claiming an excess of birds. Or in other words: too much supply and too little demand. Luckily, it’s easier than ever to have a compassionate, vegan Thanksgiving. Hain Celestial’s poultry arm, Hain Pure Protein, was operating …

Investigator Series: It’s Not Just the Animals

Compassion Over Killing Staff Blog

Compassion Over Killing’s brave investigators shine a light on the cruelties kept hidden behind the closed doors of animal agribusiness. Though government records and news stories sometimes provide glimpses into those realities, investigations are our main avenue to learn the truth. COK investigations have resulted in animal cruelty charges, groundbreaking lawsuits, and even slaughterhouse shutdowns. To stand with our investigators …

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Subway Vegan Options Expand into UK

Stuart McDonald Blog, Campaigns

Subway, the household name when it comes to quick custom sandwiches, is yet again dipping into the plant-based market by offering a fully vegan veggie patty in some of its UK stores. This comes after more than 18,000 people have contacted the sandwich giant asking for vegan options through Compassion Over Killing’s website. The patty, LiveKindly reports, is similar to …

We’re For the Birds: 3 Ways COK’s Helping Chickens

Stuart McDonald Blog, Campaigns, Investigations, Outreach

This National Chicken Month and beyond, celebrate our feathered friends by seeing them as the individuals they are–not food. By keeping animals off our plates we can safeguard animal lives, the environment, and our own health. Each September, the poultry industry promotes National Chicken Month in a desperate attempt to boost slumping sales after grilling season. To us, this month …

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YOU DECIDE: Who Will Win the Donut Wars?

Stuart McDonald Blog, Campaigns

In 2014, Dunkin’ Donuts joined Starbucks and other coffee chains and began pouring out non-dairy milks in response to customers asking for more compassionate options for their coffee. But now, as plant-based foods are on the rise, Dunkin’ still uses egg and dairy ingredients in all of their donuts. In order to stir up some friendly competition and show that …

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Tofurky Fights Missouri Meat Labeling Law

Stuart McDonald Blog, Veg Eating

This week, Missouri became the first state to enact a law regulating the use of the word “meat” in food labeling. The term, according to the law, should be solely reserved for food made from “traditionally harvested” livestock or poultry. Tofurky, one of the top makers of plant-based meats, filed an injunction in federal court to prevent the enforcement of …