Former Dunkin’ Exec. to CEO: Offer a Vegan Donut!

Stuart McDonald Blog, Campaigns

Dunkin’ Donuts’ former Chief Marketing Officer, Glenn Bacheller, just penned a letter to current Dunkin’ CEO David Hoffmann, with a clear message: “make a statement and be the first major chain offer a vegan donut.” Bacheller, who went on to become President of Baskin-Robbins, a sister company of the donut chain, states that he was vegan even while working for …

Life as a COK Intern: Radhika and Sajani

Stuart McDonald Blog, Outreach

Compassion Over Killing’s outreach internship provides an opportunity for students in the Washington, DC area to get involved in animal rights activism and learn what it’s like to work at a nonprofit. Interns take on all kinds of essential projects, like planning and taking part in local outreach events, writing for, leafleting, and even helping to organize COK’s massively …

amazon alexa

VIDEO: Alexa, Order Vegan Donuts from Dunkin’

Stuart McDonald Blog, Campaigns, Veg Eating

Dunkin’ Donuts recently teamed up with Amazon’s Alexa in an attempt to make their on-the-go mobile ordering even easier. But what’s the point if we can’t order what we really want — vegan donuts?! Millions of consumers nationwide are opting for plant-based options to help the animals who suffer at the hands of the egg and dairy industries, and to …

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Tofurky Fights Missouri Meat Labeling Law

Stuart McDonald Blog, Veg Eating

This week, Missouri became the first state to enact a law regulating the use of the word “meat” in food labeling. The term, according to the law, should be solely reserved for food made from “traditionally harvested” livestock or poultry. Tofurky, one of the top makers of plant-based meats, filed an injunction in federal court to prevent the enforcement of …

boca turk'y burger

Get Ready to Gobble: BOCA Debuts Vegan Turkey Burger!

Stuart McDonald Blog

As nearly 50,000 people join Compassion Over Killing’s campaign, Kraft Heinz has just debuted another fully vegan item in their BOCA line: a one-of-a-kind vegan turkey burger. Plant-based foods continue to become mainstream, but a 100% plant-based turk’y burger is one we haven’t seen yet. But for vegans and pre-vegans alike it offers a great alternative to its cruel animal-based …

quorn vegan

Quorn Invests £7 million into Vegan R&D and “Bleeding” Vegan Burger

Stuart McDonald Blog

Quorn, one of the world’s leading brands in frozen meat alternatives, announced that it is investing £7 million (about $9 million US) into vegan research and development. The UK-based company intends to open a research and development facility in their North Yorkshire headquarters as a response to a 12% rise in sales in just the first half of this year. …

vegan subway

Subway Australia and New Zealand Trial Vegan Falafel Sandwich

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Giant sandwich chain Subway has announced plans to introduce a vegan sandwich option in 100 locations across Australia and New Zealand! This is another big step in Subway becoming more vegan-friendly around the globe. In February of this year, Subways in Finland began offering a soy-based vegan “steak” sandwich. Now, Australians can get their hands on a new smashed falafel …

vegan morningstar

Morningstar Goes Vegan with 3 Chick’n Products

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Vegans, rejoice: Thanks to a Vegan Outreach campaign, Morningstar Farms just announced that three of their meatless “chicken” options are now available fully vegan! Many plant-based eaters have long been disappointed that Morningstar, a household name when it comes to meat alternatives, still uses egg and dairy ingredients. In 2008, in response to a Compassion Over Killing campaign with Vegan …

vegan lean cuisine

Lean Cuisine Debuts Line of Meatless Entrees

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Frozen entree maker Lean Cuisine (owned by Nestlé) is debuting fourteen new meatless dishes–two of which are completely vegan! The company, owned by Nestlé, says that plant-based foods are among the products for which consumers are looking. Though most of the new entrees contain animal products of some kind, there are two that are totally vegan-friendly: Check out the Coconut …