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Olympic Swimmer Rebecca Soni Joins Athletes Saying, “Not So Fast, USDA!”

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Six-time Olympic medalist, World Champion, and world record-holding swimmer Rebecca Soni is all about speed. But outside of the pool, she’s using her voice against the USDA’s reckless plan to speed up pig slaughter lines nationwide, which would endanger millions of animals, workers, and consumers. Swimmers, cyclists, and runners must be fast–but slaughterhouses are no place for racing, according to …

USDA to Greenlight Barbaric High-Speed Pig Slaughter

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Update: The U.S. House of Representatives is taking steps to delay or stop implementation of the high-speed slaughter rule. As is, slaughterhouses are hell on earth for pigs, and they’re about to get worse. Within just a few weeks, the USDA is planning to give slaughterhouses across the country the green light to recklessly speed up slaughter lines–endangering animals, workers, …

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Three Birds Every Second: Horrifying High-Speed Slaughter

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In November 2018, Compassion Over Killing released gut-wrenching undercover footage exposing the horrors of high-speed chicken slaughter at Amick Farms in Maryland. This horrifying footage showed chickens being punched, kicked, and thrown, as well as being left to slowly drown during equipment breakdowns. Our investigator even found “red birds” with blood still under their skin–meaning they likely entered the scalding …

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Poultry Plants Put Food Safety at Risk Under Reckless High-Speed Slaughter

Compassion Over Killing Staff Blog, Campaigns

In November of 2018, a gut-wrenching video by a Compassion Over Killing investigator revealed to millions of consumers the truth behind the USDA’s high-speed chicken slaughter program, which provides plants with waivers allowing them to increase already dangerously fast kill line speeds from 140 to 175 birds per minute—nearly three birds every second. A requirement of this waiver is that …

Rob Zombie to USDA: Stop the High-Speed Horror!

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With Halloween lurking just around the corner, horror icon Rob Zombie (musician and director of House of 1000 Corpses and The Devil’s Rejects) is taking the USDA to task for the real-life dangers posed to millions of animals, workers, and consumers by the agency’s reckless high-speed slaughter program. The USDA has begun granting waivers allowing poultry plants to run kill lines at the dangerously high …

COK Grills USDA on High-Speed Slaughter at MD Poultry Conference

Stuart McDonald Blog, Campaigns

Today, Compassion Over Killing’s Director of Corporate Outreach Laura Cascada took the floor during the Q&A following a USDA presentation at the Delmarva Poultry Industry’s annual conference to hold the federal agency accountable for putting millions of consumers, workers, and animals in danger with its high-speed slaughter plans. Laura took the agency to task after its Deputy Assistant Administrator of …

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High-Speed Horror: USDA to Dangerously Increase Slaughter Speeds

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As ghosts and goblins descend on us this month, Compassion Over Killing is flooding the USDA’s offices with new ads to ensure all eyes are on another, real-life horror for millions of animals, workers, and consumers: the federal agency’s cruel and dangerous high-speed slaughter program. Making matters even worse for the billions of chickens who are violently slaughtered for food …