Will Tyson Turn the Tide with Vegan Shrimp Investment?

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Contrasting Tyson’s recent sinking progress in the plant-powered revolution, the poultry giant is making a splash with its latest investment: vegan shrimp. But can this massive meat company become a true food leader in today’s sea of compassionate options?  The chicken industry titan just announced a minority stake in New Wave Foods, maker of a 100% plant-based shrimp from seaweed, …

Raised & Rooted

Tyson’s “Plant-Based” News Isn’t Plant-Based At All

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After teasing a plant-based protein endeavor and telling Compassion Over Killing that it was “looking at plant protein as the future of protein,” Tyson Foods’ new Raised & Rooted brand falls short of the mark. The new brand, which Tyson is calling “plant-based” is, well, not plant-based at all. The brand’s debut products include nuggets that, while meatless, contain egg …

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Owner of Tyson-Contracted Factory Farm Charged with Animal Cruelty, Enters Plea Agreement

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After a Compassion Over Killing hidden-camera investigation uncovered heartbreaking abuse to birds at Atlantic Farms, a Virginia factory farm contracted by Tyson Foods, the nation’s largest chicken producer, our evidence was turned over to authorities, who promptly investigated. The video reveals birds being violently kicked, slammed, thrown, and run over and crushed to death by forklifts. Other birds were killed …

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COK Brings Mobile Ad to Chicken Marketing Summit

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As poultry industry executives descended on the Four Seasons Resort at Florida’s Disney World for the Chicken Marketing Summit, so did Compassion Over Killing. As the conference filled up with attendees, thousands witnessed a powerful COK mobile billboard revealing the unhappiest place on Earth for birds: Tyson Foods. As COK investigative footage has revealed, birds in Tyson’s supply chain endure …

Message in the Sky over Tyson-Sponsored Poultry Fest: Cruelty Won’t Fly!

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Today, Compassion Over Killing (COK) flocked to the Tyson Foods-sponsored Poultry Festival in Arkansas, in a powerful demonstration urging the poultry giant to end cruel, unnatural rapid growth in birds and shift towards plant protein. COK volunteers turned up the heat on Tyson to take action, demonstrating around the festival’s barbecue event with signs that “Tyson’s cruelty won’t fly” as consumers …

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Tyson Challenges Perdue’s Ads As Deceptively Boasting “Happy” Chickens

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In a blatant case of the pot calling the kettle black, Tyson Foods recently challenged fellow poultry giant Perdue Farms, Inc., by way of the National Advertising Division (NAD). The advertisement in question — painting all of Perdue’s chickens as organic and “happy” —was found to be misleading. Perdue recently began broadcasting these ads on YouTube and television, depicting chickens …

‘Injured Chickens’ Race from Cruelty at Tyson’s Hometown Marathon

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Two costumed “injured chickens” limped in the annual Hogeye Marathon sponsored by Tyson Foods in Springdale, the poultry giant’s hometown, on April 14th, urging Tyson to move toward plant protein, as consumers flock away from animal cruelty. Joining the “birds” representing the hundreds of millions of real chickens suffering for Tyson products every year, Compassion Over Killing (COK) volunteers were rallying …

Kraft Heinz Backing the ‘Future’ of Food: Plants!

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Compassion Over Killing is urging Kraft Heinz, the parent company of meatless BOCA Foods, to kraft a better BOCA by ditching cruel dairy to make the brand vegan. Quickly signed by nearly 44,000 people, our petition points out that BOCA is lagging behind its meatless competitors, such as Lightlife, that have gone vegan to meet consumer demand and move their product lines …

Chicken Industry Titan, Tyson, Launching Plant-Based Bowls

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After hearing from more than a quarter-million of you on a COK petition asking Tyson Foods to stop genetic manipulation of birds for rapid growth and shift toward cruelty-free plant proteins, Tyson has announced that it’s launching a line of plant-based grab-and-go bowls this year! This is another promising step, after Tyson announced it was increasing its investment in plant-based …