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Taco Bell to Test New Vegetarian & Vegan Menu

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As it stands, Taco Bell might be the most vegan-friendly fast food chain in the United States, with seemingly endless ways to veganize menu items. And in 2019, the chain is taking that one step further. In its new seven commitments for 2019, Taco Bell announced a resolution to test a dedicated vegetarian menu with some brand new items, including …

Consumers Asked, Taco Bell Responds By Rolling Out a Vegan Options Guide

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Successful campaigns by Compassion Over Killing have brought meatless and vegan meals to the fast-food mainstream, from Subway (the world’s largest restaurant chain!), to Dunkin’ Donuts, Pita Pit and more. As consumer demand for veg-friendly options grows, other food industry giants are taking note and making changes. Taco Bell recently released a hugely popular guide to ordering meatless meals from its menu. …