Subway Spreads More Vegan Options: Hummus!

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In an effort to appeal to health-conscious consumers, earlier this week Subway revealed that it’s currently test marketing hummus in about 1,000 US locations. It’s being offered for an additional cost, and if customer demand is high enough, it could spread to all stores nationwide. According to the Associated Press, Tony Pace, Subway’s chief marketing officer said: “It’s something we’ve …


Subway Introduces Falafel in the Nation’s Capital

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Last year, we shared the news about Subway’s vegan test menu in eight DC-area locations that was so popular, stores ran out of the vegan patties within a few short weeks. Several of the restaurant managers told us the vegan menu was tremendously successful, and they’ve been eager to satisfy customer demand by putting heartier and healthier plant-based option back on the menu.


Flexitarians Want Vegan Options Too

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Earlier this year, Chipotle added vegan sofritas to its menus in California, and it’s so popular it already accounts for 5 percent of sales. The company says about one-third of Sofrita eaters are not vegan but rather consumers trying to eat less meat. This shift towards more plant-based foods is further reflected in a recent survey showing that one-third of Americans are buying veggie meats, the majority of whom are not vegan or vegetarian.

Vegan Options at Subway

One Year Later: Vegan Options at Subway?

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Through Compassion Over Killing’s campaign website,, thousands of consumers have been urging Subway – the world’s largest restaurant chain – to offer more substantial protein-packed vegan meals. As a growing number of Americans continue reaching for healthier and more humane options, how is the company responding to this increase in demand for hearty, meat-free meals?

Subway Footlong Doesn’t Add Up: Missing Over an Inch

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colbert-subway-footlong_0-325x224.jpgLast week, Subway found itself embroiled in a sizeable debacle after a photo surfaced on Facebook showing a “Footlong” sub measuring up to a mere 11-inches. 

The photo was posted by a customer in Australia who asked the company to explain why the Footlong didn’t add up. The scandal of the missing inch quickly went viral with customers across the globe demanding an answer while news outlets from ABC News to the New York Post to the Colbert Report covered the “scamwich.” 

COK Serves Up Six-Foot Vegan Subs for Meatout in DC and LA

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March 20 is the first day of spring. It’s also the Great American Meatout, making it the perfect opportunity to encourage others to turn over a new leaf by choosing healthier and more humane foods. And COK sprang into action by hosting feed-ins during the busy lunchtime rush hour in Washington, DC and Los Angeles encouraging Subway, the world’s largest restaurant chain, to add more vegan options

Subway is Rolling Out All-Vegan Patty at Select Locations in Canada!

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Do you enjoy Subway’s Veggie Delight sandwich but wish you could feast on a “meatier” animal-friendly meal? We do, too — and if you live in Canada, now you can!

Compassion Over Killing’s campaign has been asking consumers to reach out to Subway, the world’s largest restaurant chain, urging the company to add vegan options — and we’re excited to share some good news: select Subway restaurants throughout Canada are starting to dish out an all-vegan patty, promoted as the “Totally Vegged” vegetable patty! And it’s 100% meat-, egg, and dairy-free (see ingredients below).