Vegan Eating Reaching Global Tipping Point

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Have you heard that Target just launched its own line of plant-based meats and Smoothie King is now serving vegan protein shakes in its 700 stores worldwide? These international retailers know it’s good business to offer customers what they want: delicious, affordable, healthy, and convenient vegan options! The demand is not only real, it’s reaching a global tipping point: Worldcrunch recently reported that Palitana, India …


More Companies are Delivering on Dairy-Free Demand!

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Despite the dairy industry’s multi-million dollar advertising campaigns (Got Milk?), government-sponsored programs that push milk, and even ridiculous efforts to slam non-dairy alternatives, milk consumption in the US is steadily declining. In fact, a recent report from the US Department of Agriculture confirms that each generation drinks less and less milk than the one prior. Simply put, Americans are moo-ving on. …