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Tyson Foods Invests in Plant Protein–But Continues Rampant Chicken Cruelty

Compassion Over Killing Staff Blog

The world’s largest poultry producer, Tyson Foods, announced another plant-fueled investment, funding a company producing vegan protein from mushroom roots. Though this is a positive step showing that companies are reacting to consumer demand by investing in plant protein, Compassion Over Killing continues to take Tyson to task for its failure to do better by birds. Pivoting to Plant Protein …

New Year, Same Cruelty: Times Square Ad Illuminates McDonald’s Abuse of Birds

Compassion Over Killing Staff Blog

As thousands descended upon Times Square to ring in the New Year, the crowd was exposed to an eye-opening billboard from a coalition of animal protection organizations including Compassion Over Killing, Animal Equality, The Humane League, World Animal Protection, and Mercy For Animals. This powerful ad exposes fast-food giant McDonald’s and the unconscionable treatment of birds in its supply chain. …

Chicken Industry Titan, Tyson, Launching Plant-Based Bowls

Compassion Over Killing Staff Campaigns, Investigations, Veg Eating

After hearing from more than a quarter-million of you on a COK petition asking Tyson Foods to stop genetic manipulation of birds for rapid growth and shift toward cruelty-free plant proteins, Tyson has announced that it’s launching a line of plant-based grab-and-go bowls this year! This is another promising step, after Tyson announced it was increasing its investment in plant-based …