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5 Ways to Help Chickens this National Chicken Month

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Every year, the poultry industry calls September “national chicken month” in an attempt to boost slumping sales after grilling season. We’re all for having a month for chickens–if that means we’re celebrating them and, most importantly, keeping them off our plates. Chickens are intelligent and social individuals with rich lives, and an ability to feel pain and suffer just like …

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COK Urges USDA to Deny Bird Slaughter Speed Increase

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On August 15, Compassion Over Killing sent a letter to the USDA after four poultry producers petitioned for a waiver that would permit increased slaughter speed. The letter, sent in support of an earlier ask by a coalition of twelve worker and consumer safety groups, explains that raising slaughter speeds from 140 birds per minute to 175 birds per minute …

Video: Singing Chicken’s Telegram Ruffles Feathers at McDonald’s HQ

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A singing “chicken” flocked to McDonald’s headquarters in Chicago today to squawk out a telegram message to the fast food giant on behalf of the hundreds of millions of birds suffering in its supply chain: painful rapid growth and extreme crowding just won’t fly. In the telegram ruffling feathers at McDonald’s HQ, the “bird,” a costumed vocalist there with Compassion …


600 Birds Rescued While Billions Remain Confined

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This week, the ASPCA discovered over 600 birds crammed into a private residence near Columbus, OH. Among the birds were parakeets, parrots, cockatiels, macaws, and others. After responding to a public complaint about concern for the living conditions of the birds, Columbus Humane called in the ASPCA and all of the birds are now in their care and receiving medical …

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Take Action: Mountaire Falls Silent on Cruel Animal Practice

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As Mountaire, the sixth largest poultry producer in the United States, comes under fire for creating environmental and health hazards, including a wrongful death suit, it also remains silent on issues of animal welfare. Unlike 17 of the 20 top poultry producers, Mountaire has yet to publicly confirm that they do not use the cruel practice of “nose boning” in …

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KFC Begins Testing Vegetarian Chicken in UK

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Kentucky Fried Chicken is now testing vegetarian chicken in its stores across the UK and Ireland. If successful, KFC expects to start officially selling the meatless menu item in 2019. Here in the US, as chains like Starbucks, Subway, and White Castle roll out plant-based options to meet soaring consumer demand, Compassion Over Killing is urging KFC to do the …

Poultry Industry Attempt to Increase Kill Speed is Rejected by USDA

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The US Dept. of Agriculture’s (USDA) Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) has rejected a chicken industry proposal to allow for the increase of already dangerously fast slaughter line speeds. In December, Compassion Over Killing submitted a comment to the USDA voicing our grave concerns over the National Chicken Council’s proposal. We had also submitted an initial comment in September …