Raised & Rooted

Tyson’s “Plant-Based” News Isn’t Plant-Based At All

christopherl Blog, Campaigns

After teasing a plant-based protein endeavor and telling Compassion Over Killing that it was “looking at plant protein as the future of protein,” Tyson Foods’ new Raised & Rooted brand falls short of the mark. The new brand, which Tyson is calling “plant-based” is, well, not plant-based at all. The brand’s debut products include nuggets that, while meatless, contain egg …

jessica carter

A Vegan Food and Lifestyle Coach’s Review of the Plant-Based Nutrition Certificate

jellicottcarter Blog

In March 2019, I completed the Plant-Based Nutrition Certificate program offered by the T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies in partnership with eCornell. I learned about the program in 2018 and was excited to have the opportunity to complete the coursework in order to enhance my work as Compassion Over Killing’s Vegan Food and Lifestyle Coach. Two major aspects …

Tyson Foods Pursuing “Alternative Proteins”

christopherl Blog, Campaigns

Tyson Foods, the nation’s largest poultry producer, is moving further into the vegan market with plant-based proteins, as Compassion Over Killing’s campaign continues pressuring Tyson to continue this shift as well as end cruel rapid growth in birds. On the company’s first-quarter earnings call, Tyson chief executive hinted at this new development, saying “In the weeks ahead, you’ll be hearing …

There’s No Catch: This Vegan Tuna is Amazing!

christopherl Veg Eating

The much-anticipated Fish-Free Tuna from Good Catch Foods has finally arrived, and it’s sure to reel vegan and pre-vegan eaters alike in for more. Now hitting shelves nationwide at Whole Foods Market and Thrive Market, the vegan tuna is available in three flavors (Naked in Water, Mediterranean, and Oil & Herbs) and serves up protein and omega-3 without the suffering …

McDonald’s Debuts Vegan Burger in Chicago: Ask for One Nationwide!

Compassion Over Killing Staff Campaigns, Veg Eating

As demand for vegan food sizzles across the country, mega fast food chain McDonald’s just cooked up a vegan burger option now on the menu at its Chicago headquarters. Join us in asking the fast food chain to ‘ketchup’ to its fast food competitors by serving up a vegan burger nationwide! Compassion Over Killing, along with a coalition of organizations, …

subway vegan

Subway Vegan Options Expand into UK

Stuart McDonald Blog, Campaigns

Subway, the household name when it comes to quick custom sandwiches, is yet again dipping into the plant-based market by offering a fully vegan veggie patty in some of its UK stores. This comes after more than 18,000 people have contacted the sandwich giant asking for vegan options through Compassion Over Killing’s website. The patty, LiveKindly reports, is similar to …

Former Dunkin’ Exec. to CEO: Offer a Vegan Donut!

Stuart McDonald Blog, Campaigns

Dunkin’ Donuts’ former Chief Marketing Officer, Glenn Bacheller, just penned a letter to current Dunkin’ CEO David Hoffmann, with a clear message: “make a statement and be the first major chain offer a vegan donut.” Bacheller, who went on to become President of Baskin-Robbins, a sister company of the donut chain, states that he was vegan even while working for …

boca turk'y burger

Get Ready to Gobble: BOCA Debuts Vegan Turkey Burger!

Stuart McDonald Blog

As nearly 50,000 people join Compassion Over Killing’s campaign, Kraft Heinz has just debuted another fully vegan item in their BOCA line: a one-of-a-kind vegan turkey burger. Plant-based foods continue to become mainstream, but a 100% plant-based turk’y burger is one we haven’t seen yet. But for vegans and pre-vegans alike it offers a great alternative to its cruel animal-based …

vegan subway

Subway Australia and New Zealand Trial Vegan Falafel Sandwich

Stuart McDonald Blog

Giant sandwich chain Subway has announced plans to introduce a vegan sandwich option in 100 locations across Australia and New Zealand! This is another big step in Subway becoming more vegan-friendly around the globe. In February of this year, Subways in Finland began offering a soy-based vegan “steak” sandwich. Now, Australians can get their hands on a new smashed falafel …