Compassion on Campus: Vegan College Initiatives

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Vegan eating is sprouting all over– even on campus! Colleges large and small are serving up more vegan options in dining halls, so students can leave animals off their plates while getting that much-needed brain food. Bastyr University in Kenmore, Washington has an on-site organic herb and vegetable garden. What better way to appreciate plants than to grow them yourself? …

6 Easy Things You Can Do for Animals in the New Year

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When it comes to making the world a better place for animals, there is so much to be done that it’s easy to lose yourself in “shoulds.” Think: I should be attending outreach events, I should be eating a completely vegan diet, I should be converting everyone I know into an advocate … and so on. You could spend all day thinking …

dc vegfest 2014

DC VegFest 2014 Success: 15,000 People Strong & Growing!

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“Thanks for being the best festival ever!”   ★ “I can’t believe the amount of people in attendance!” ★ “Could I be having any more fun at DC VegFest? I don’t think so!” ★ “Holy DC VegFest!”  ★ “So much fun at DCVegFest today. Can’t wait to go next year”  Wow! We’re blown away by the tremendously positive feedback that …


US Reps. Deutch & Gabbard Take US VegWeek Pledge to Next Level!

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Earlier this year, more than 70 elected officials along with thousands of people across the country took Compassion Over Killing’s 7-Day VegPledge for US VegWeek. Many have shared their stories about how taking this pledge changed their lives. This week, two Congressmembers who participated in US VegWeek — Rep. Ted Deutch (Florida) and Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (Hawaii) — publicly embraced …

dunkin' donuts

COK Campaign Victory: Dunkin’ Donuts Adds Almond Milk to Its Menu!

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Dunkin’ Donuts is the world’s largest coffee and baked goods chain with more than 7,500 locations throughout the United States, including its first Los Angeles location that opened during Labor Day weekend. Yet, it’s one of the only national coffee chains that hasn’t offered dairy-free milk to all customers – until now, thanks to your requests! We’re so excited to …

veggie awards

Vote for Compassion Over Killing in the Veggie Awards!

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If we ever needed a reminder of the abundance of amazing vegan food, restaurants, cookbooks, products, or blogs available to us today, VegNews’ 2014 Veggie Awards is it! Take a 15-minute break to be awed by the options and choose your favorites — including Compassion Over Killing for Favorite Nonprofit Animal Organization! Vote for us (survey question #30!) and you’ll be entered into a …

lean & green days

Lean & Green Days: Philadelphia Public Schools to Promote Meat-Free Eating

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The City of Brotherly Love keeps showing just how much love it has for heart-healthy food. This fall, Philadelphia Public Schools will introduce weekly Lean & Green Days, when schools across the city will encourage students to choose from a variety of meat-free options — including pasta with marinara sauce, veggie calzones, and bean burritos — on the menu. This …


Speciesism: You’ll never look at animals the same way again, especially humans

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That’s what Speciesism: The Movie promises viewers with its entertaining and informative examination of factory farms. Here’s what monthly columnist for Scientific American had to say after seeing the film: “When I entered the theater to see Mark Devries’s film Speciesism: The Movie I was a speciesist. When I came out I could no longer justify the treatment of animals with any …

vegweek 2014

SUCCESS: US VegWeek 2014 Inspires 130,000+ Meat-Free Meals

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Our sixth annual US VegWeek wrapped up on Sunday, April 27 and by all measures, it was a resounding success! This year’s campaign nearly doubled our impact for animals with more than 6,350 people nationwide taking our 7-Day VegPledge — that’s more 130,000 meat-free meals! Here are some highlights we’re excited to share:  74 federal, state, and local elected officials  …