Proud to Serve: Reaching out to Restaurants

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Restaurant DecalA major factor preventing numerous people from seriously exploring veganism is simply convenience. Those who’ve had no experience with veganism often find the thought of finding vegan options daunting, and because of this, COK has worked closely with dozens of restaurants to create or expand their meat-free menus. Our goal is to help make vegan eating as easy as possibly by ensuring that animal-friendly options are widely available.

A Week of Feed-Ins: COK Serves 1,500 Vegan Food Samples to Los Angelenos

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COK kicked off the month of June by dishing out over 500 vegan pizza samples from Cruzer Pizza along with hundreds of Compassionate Choices and Easy Vegan Recipes to West Adams Preparatory High School students at its International Issues Advocacy Fair. We offered a variety of familiar flavors — BBQ chicken, Philly Cheese Steak, Hawaiian, Meat, and Margherita — and each one was a hit! Students were amazed by the taste and empowered to learn about the benefits of choosing plant-based foods. Plus, they were excited that Cruzer Pizza is only minutes away from school.

Showing Off Our Veggie Pride in Austin, LA, DC, and Baltimore!

Compassion Over Killing Staff Outreach

vegetarian vegan prideThroughout the month of June, teams of COK volunteers — from Los Angeles to Baltimore to Austin to Washington, DC — helped spread a message of compassion at several Pride celebrations.

Kicking things off on Sat., June 6, COK’s VegAustin Coordinator, Daniela Nunez, tabled at Queerbomb, a gay pride rally in Austin, TX, and distributed hundreds of copies of pro-veg literature, including the Summer 2011 edition of our Vegetarian Guide to Austin.

The following weekend, we set up educational booths at festivals on both the East and West coasts — for Los Angeles Pride and Capital Pride in Washington, DC.

COK Interns Dish up Compassion at Area Grocery Stores!

Compassion Over Killing Staff Outreach


What better way to open up the hearts and minds of others than giving away delicious vegan food? That’s exactly how two of our outreach interns in DC, Andrea Roccanti and Shebani Rao, are spending their summer! With the support of VegFund, Andrea and Shebani hosted an “Ask-A-Vegan” table outside of a busy Giant grocery store in DC.

COK Spreads Compassion in the Classroom

Compassion Over Killing Staff Outreach

classroom%20compassion-275x249.JPGSpeaking with today’s inquisitive and energetic youth about compassion for animals can be one of the most encouraging and rewarding experiences. As a former teacher in DC, I’ve had the opportunity to visit a handful of schools, from elementary through high school, in and around the nation’s capital to meet with students and share information about animals, where our food comes from, and the many benefits of choosing vegetarian foods. 

Outreach Tips – Sharing Compassion at Festivals

Compassion Over Killing Staff Outreach

Strut Your Mutt 2011During the spring and summer months, community-based festivals pop up everywhere, and they offer amazing opportunities to reach out to others about the benefits of leaving animals off our plates. Last weekend, Compassion Over Killing staff and volunteers were hard at work in both Washington, DC and Los Angeles staffing educational booths at two popular events: Strut Your Mutt on May 21 and WorldFest on May 22.

COK Hits a Home Run with Vegan Feed-In at Nationals Stadium!

Compassion Over Killing Staff Outreach

Michelle and Aashish serve up delicious veg food!COK staff and volunteers were out on the streets of DC again to promote compassion: this time, in front of the Washington Nationals’ baseball stadium. On May 2, before the game started, we gave away over 100 free Field Roast  vegan sausauge samples to veg-curious passersby! The response was wonderful: in addition to dozens of people asking where they could get veggie hot dogs and sausages, several people came back after tasting the Field Roast to tell us how much they liked it and to pick up more information about vegetarian eating to share with their friends and family.