Plant-Powered Planet Protectors March for Animals and Earth at Climate Strike

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Last week, animal activists converged across the country to speak up for the way animal agriculture affects our climate at the student-led Climate Strike. The Plant-Powered Planet Protectors (P4), a diverse coalition of groups including Compassion Over Killing, Plant Based Foods Association, Climate Friendly Agriculture Alliance, The Humane League, V-Dog, and Center for Biological Diversity, showed up in Washington, DC …

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COK Campaign Victory: Dunkin’ Donuts Adds Almond Milk to Its Menu!

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Dunkin’ Donuts is the world’s largest coffee and baked goods chain with more than 7,500 locations throughout the United States, including its first Los Angeles location that opened during Labor Day weekend. Yet, it’s one of the only national coffee chains that hasn’t offered dairy-free milk to all customers – until now, thanks to your requests! We’re so excited to …

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Compassion Society Empowers The Next Generation of Animal Activists

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Compassion Society is a network of vegan college students working to make their campuses more compassionate. During the spring semester, Compassion Over Killing helped empower 4 groups of students to host 8 events ranging from pay-per-view (PPV) video outreach to sampling vegan food! Former COK Intern Erika Wilkinson held multiple PPV events at George Mason University. Former Beyond The Lies …

Beyond The Lies Program Wraps Up Spring Tour Spreading Compassion

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Compassion Over Killing’s unique Beyond The Lies program just wrapped up another successful tour! This spring, our team brought a powerful message of compassion to college campuses across the state of California to raise awareness about the suffering of animals raised and killed for food. We held 20 events, where COK paid viewers $1.00 to watch a powerful video unveiling …

We’re For the Birds: 3 Ways COK’s Helping Chickens

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This National Chicken Month and beyond, celebrate our feathered friends by seeing them as the individuals they are–not food. By keeping animals off our plates we can safeguard animal lives, the environment, and our own health. Each September, the poultry industry promotes National Chicken Month in a desperate attempt to boost slumping sales after grilling season. To us, this month …

Life as a COK Intern: Radhika and Sajani

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Compassion Over Killing’s outreach internship provides an opportunity for students in the Washington, DC area to get involved in animal rights activism and learn what it’s like to work at a nonprofit. Interns take on all kinds of essential projects, like planning and taking part in local outreach events, writing for, leafleting, and even helping to organize COK’s massively …

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COK Video Tours Take Thousands ‘Beyond The Lies’ of Animal Ag

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Compassion Over Killing (COK) has just wrapped up its summer Beyond The Lies tours, and we are proud to announce that with your support for this new COK program, our crews have connected with nearly 12,500 people in 36 cities across the nation on Vans Warped Tour and across California, opening up meaningful dialogue about the shocking truth of how …

Powerful ‘Beyond The Lies’ Summer Video Tour to Bring Thousands Nationwide the Shocking Truth of Life and Death for Farmed Animals

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Compassion Over Killing (COK) proudly announces the launch of our Beyond The Lies tours, kicking off today in California and bringing powerful video outreach to 36 cities nationwide this summer, including on the final cross-country Vans Warped Tour. This inspiring program will raise awareness among thousands of people about the suffering of animals raised and killed for food, empowering them to …

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Dairy Is Scary–Ditch Cruelty in June!

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This June you’ll be more likely to find us celebrating Pride month than Dairy Month, but the Dairy Alliance spends this month (and others) marketing milk to families as the beverage of choice. The dairy industry encourages consumers to continue buying milk, often citing health benefits–despite the large amount of studies to the contrary. In fact, consumers are increasingly ditching …