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Quorn Invests £7 million into Vegan R&D and “Bleeding” Vegan Burger

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Quorn, one of the world’s leading brands in frozen meat alternatives, announced that it is investing £7 million (about $9 million US) into vegan research and development. The UK-based company intends to open a research and development facility in their North Yorkshire headquarters as a response to a 12% rise in sales in just the first half of this year. …

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Lean Cuisine Debuts Line of Meatless Entrees

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Frozen entree maker Lean Cuisine (owned by Nestlé) is debuting fourteen new meatless dishes–two of which are completely vegan! The company, owned by Nestlé, says that plant-based foods are among the products for which consumers are looking. Though most of the new entrees contain animal products of some kind, there are two that are totally vegan-friendly: Check out the Coconut …

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Starbucks Debuts ANOTHER Vegan Option in Select Locations

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It seems like every week there’s another delicious plant-based option popping up somewhere. Thanks to Compassion Over Killing’s campaign with Jane Velez-Mitchell asking Starbucks for more vegan options, the coffee giant has been debuting more and more vegan products. COK’s campaign with more than 30,000 supporters continues–with its most recent victory in the form of a super-cool new product. If …

Danone Looks to Vegan Yogurt to Boost Curdling Sales

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Dairy-free is in demand! In fact, as more and more shoppers opt for plant-based products, market research finds that dairy-free foods and beverages are topping the trend. In a recent report, Nielsen found that as 39% of US consumers are actively trying to eat more plant-based foods, dairy-free cheeses and yogurts have had the most growth in sales, increasing by …

Plant-Based Sales Outpacing Other Food & Beverages

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New market research by Nielsen finds that 39% of Americans are “actively trying to eat more plant-based foods,” and last year these veg products made up nearly 20% of the money US consumers spent on foods and beverages last year. Leading the way are dairy-free foods, especially cheese and yogurt whose markets grew by 45% and 31% respectively, and almond …

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Dairy Is Scary–Ditch Cruelty in June!

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This June you’ll be more likely to find us celebrating Pride month than Dairy Month, but the Dairy Alliance spends this month (and others) marketing milk to families as the beverage of choice. The dairy industry encourages consumers to continue buying milk, often citing health benefits–despite the large amount of studies to the contrary. In fact, consumers are increasingly ditching …


Kraft a Better BOCA: Ditch Dairy!

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The BOCA brand has become a household name at the forefront of the meatless market, appearing on store shelves and restaurants menus nationwide. Yet, BOCA, owned by Kraft Heinz, is lagging behind other vegetarian brands that have moved forward to meet the soaring consumer demand for dairy-free foods. The majority of BOCA’s burgers, bowls, and other products on grocery store …

Vegan Cheese Selling Out at Domino’s in Australia

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Dairy-free is in demand! Sales of dairy milk are slumping, and as time and again investigations reveal the cruelty of cow’s milk, consumers are turning to kinder, healthier plant-based milks. And the vegan cheese market is expected to continue soaring, surpassing $3.5 billion by 2020. Pizza is no exception: in fact, a report by international restaurant consultants Baum + Whiteman stated that 2018 …

Ben & Jerry’s Scoops Out Two More Vegan Flavors!

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Dairy-free ice cream is delighting consumers, and has even boosted sales in a melting ice cream market. From Haagen-Dazs to Breyers and more, major frozen treat makers are milking the dairy-free demand by scooping out vegan flavors! In addition to six vegan varities it rolled out not long ago, Ben & Jerry’s just added two new dairy-free flavors: Cinnamon Buns: cinnamon …