Veggie Day

Germany’s Green Party Calls for a Weekly “Veggie Day”

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When thinking about German cuisine, vegetables are not likely the first food that comes to mind. So considering its meat reputation that is laden with a wide range of sausage options, it might come as a surprise to learn that not only is there a thriving veg-friendly movement — more than 10,000 people attended last year’s Berlin VegFest — there is a new vegetarian eating initiative introduced as part of a political platform.

Montgomery County

Maryland’s Montgomery County Proclaims Meatless Monday

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Last Thursday, the Montgomery County Council issued a “Meatless Monday” Proclamation officially endorsing a nationwide effort to promote kinder, climate-friendlier, and healthier foods. Compassion Over Killing worked with the Council on this initiative and applauds the County for taking this important step in promoting the many benefits of choosing more plant-based foods.

Vancouver Meatless Monday

Vancouver Meatless Monday – the First Canadian City

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Vancouver, Canada is on track to become the first Canadian city to endorse Meatless Mondays! According to the Vancouver Food Policy Council, Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson is expected to sign a proclamation officially declaring June 10, 2013 as Meatless Monday. Organizers say the day will be celebrated with community events that will spread awareness about–and celebrate–the benefits of meat-free eating.

School Menu

School Menus Go Veg, Plant Seeds for Healthy Eating

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With nationwide childhood obesity rates reaching unprecedented levels, it’s clear that the time has come to swap the greasy cafeteria “mystery” meatloaf and fatty chicken nuggets out for healthier protein-packed plant-based options. This cafeteria conversion is well underway in schools across the US — from Meatless Mondays to all veg menus — and it’s good news for our health, the planet, and animals.


5 Cities that Celebrate Meatless Mondays (And How You Can Too)

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blog_meatlessmonday-315x243.jpgIn the United States, there’s no question that consumers are getting it. Trends show that overall, Americans are eating less meat, and that’s good news for the animals, the environment and our health!

The Meatless Monday campaign has contributed significantly to helping people reduce their meat consumption as well as discover delicious meat-free meals to enjoy all week long.

And it’s not just consumers who are signing up for Meatless Mondays. Across the board, schools, hospitals, workplaces, celebrities—and even entire cities, are joining the movement!

Here’s how five US cities have embraced Meatless Mondays and are encouraging residents to participate: