McDonald’s Canada to Test Beyond Meat “P.L.T.” Burger

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Finally beginning to catch up with plant-based demand, McDonald’s has announced that it will be trialing a plant-based “P.L.T.” Beyond Meat burger in select Canada locations. This progress is happening after mounting pressure on McDonald’s to catch up with competitors, including hundreds of comments from Compassion Over Killing supporters and popular petitions like this one. Though McDonald’s has previously debuted …

Activists Flock to Alexandria for McDonald’s Demonstration

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Following the Animal Rights National Conference, this past weekend over 140 activists flocked to McDonald’s in Alexandria, Virginia, to protest the terrible treatment of birds in the burger chain’s chicken supply line.  The demonstration was part of a coalition effort led by The Humane League, Compassion Over Killing, Animal Equality, and Mercy For Animals to encourage the fast food giant …

Will McDonald’s Join Vegan Competition with a Plant-Based Burger?

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Germany McDonald’s restaurants have launched their first ever all-vegan menu item: a “bleeding” vegan burger called the “Incredible burger,” made by Nestlé. This is the first vegan option for the chain in Germany, but around the world, McDonald’s has been beginning to slowly roll out vegan and vegetarian options. Everywhere, it would seem, but the United States. Meanwhile, the fast-food …

vegan happy meal

McDonald’s Launches Vegan Happy Meal in UK

Compassion Over Killing Staff Blog

In response to growing demand for compassionate and accessible vegan fast-food options, McDonald’s has launched a brand new vegan Happy Meal in UK stores. Working with the Vegetarian Society and a group of mothers wanting an option for vegetarian and vegan kids, the fast-food chain developed a new wrap filled with lettuce and red pesto goujon. It can be paired …

New Year, Same Cruelty: Times Square Ad Illuminates McDonald’s Abuse of Birds

Compassion Over Killing Staff Blog

As thousands descended upon Times Square to ring in the New Year, the crowd was exposed to an eye-opening billboard from a coalition of animal protection organizations including Compassion Over Killing, Animal Equality, The Humane League, World Animal Protection, and Mercy For Animals. This powerful ad exposes fast-food giant McDonald’s and the unconscionable treatment of birds in its supply chain. …

McDonald’s Debuts Vegan Burger in Chicago: Ask for One Nationwide!

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As demand for vegan food sizzles across the country, mega fast food chain McDonald’s just cooked up a vegan burger option now on the menu at its Chicago headquarters. Join us in asking the fast food chain to ‘ketchup’ to its fast food competitors by serving up a vegan burger nationwide! Compassion Over Killing, along with a coalition of organizations, …

Activists gather outside of McDonald's in New York City

ACTION ALERT: Tell McDonald’s to Do Better for Birds

Stuart McDonald Blog, Campaigns

This week, activists have been putting pressure on McDonald’s at their headquarters in Chicago and across the country, telling the fast food giant to do better by birds. You can take action too. Chickens raised for food are often bred for cruel rapid growth, becoming so unnaturally large at such a young age that many cannot even support their own …

Video: Singing Chicken’s Telegram Ruffles Feathers at McDonald’s HQ

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A singing “chicken” flocked to McDonald’s headquarters in Chicago today to squawk out a telegram message to the fast food giant on behalf of the hundreds of millions of birds suffering in its supply chain: painful rapid growth and extreme crowding just won’t fly. In the telegram ruffling feathers at McDonald’s HQ, the “bird,” a costumed vocalist there with Compassion …

McDonald's Cruelty

Millions Seeing Misery Behind McDonald’s Menu in Times Square Ad

Stuart McDonald Blog

A powerful new video ad is shining the spotlight of Times Square on McDonald’s cruelty, reaching millions of New Yorkers and tourists alike. This weekend, Compassion Over Killing along with Animal Equality, The Humane League, World Animal Protection, Mercy For Animals, and Compassion in World Farming took out a digital billboard exposing the unconscionable treatment of birds in McDonald’s chicken …