Stop Dangerous King Amendment from Gutting Animal Protection Laws

One of the largest threats facing animals in the United States right now will soon come to a vote in the House of Representatives. You can take action to stop it by taking a quick moment to contact your elected officials. The House Agriculture Committee has passed its 2018 Farm Bill out of committee, with Representative Steve King’s dangerous amendment …


US Reps. Deutch & Gabbard Take US VegWeek Pledge to Next Level!

Earlier this year, more than 70 elected officials along with thousands of people across the country took Compassion Over Killing’s 7-Day VegPledge for US VegWeek. Many have shared their stories about how taking this pledge changed their lives. This week, two Congressmembers who participated in US VegWeek — Rep. Ted Deutch (Florida) and Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (Hawaii) — publicly embraced …


Massachusetts Unites for Farmed Animals

MassachusettsEarlier this week, hundreds of people—including animal advocates, non-profit organizations (such as Compassion Over Killing), veterinarians, vet students, and countless other caring individuals attended a public hearing in Boston, Massachusetts to show their support for a bill aiming to protect farmed animals in the state.

Horse Slaughter

Will the US Start Horse Slaughter Again?

Remember the UK’s “horsemeat scandal” that prompted public outrage, meat recalls, and overall led to our neighbors across the Atlantic eating less meat? Yes, the discovery of horse DNA in some “beef” products caused quite a fuss . People began questioning the lack of oversight in food production methods as well as food safety. But, the issue also drew attention to how deeply cultural “food” norms run through our society. The scandal drew a bitter reaction from some because of the idea of eating an animal who is seen in many cultures as a companion or pet.

Why Does the Meat Industry Have a “Beef” with the Federal Hen Protection Bill?

ncba-hammer-henbill_1-250x325.jpgEarlier this year, Rep. Kurt Schraeder (D-OR, and the only veterinarian in the Congress) introduced the Egg Products Inspection Act Amendments (HR 3798) that outlines a ban on the use of barren battery cages on egg factory farms nationwide. In addition to providing hens with more living space and environmental enrichments such as perches, nesting areas, and scratching areas so hens can engage in more natural behaviors, it also mandates that all egg cartons sold in the U.S. include a label that clearly identifies the method of production (i.e. “Eggs from Caged Hens”).