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Update: ABC World News Report on COK Investigation Wins Genesis Award

Compassion Over Killing Staff Investigations

Whether it’s television, print news, radio, film, or music, media has the power to shape—and change—social attitudes as well as our behaviors for the good. To celebrate the important role that news and entertainment media play in raising awareness about animal protections issues, the Humane Society of the United States hosts the annual Genesis Awards.

Factory Farm Employees

Cruelty Charges Filed against Pig Factory Farm Employees

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Tyson-HSUS-2012-275x335.jpgEarlier this year, The Humane Society of the United States released a graphic undercover video revealing extreme cruelty to mother pigs and their piglets inside the Wheatland, Wyo.-based Wyoming Premium Farms.

The footage – which shows downright sadistic scenes of animal abuse including mother
pigs repeatedly punched and kicked in the face, piglets swung around by
their back legs or kicked like soccer balls – was turned over to local authorities who announced this week that further action will be taken.

Utah is Now the Second State this Year to Enact Anti-Investigation “Ag Gag” Law

Compassion Over Killing Staff Investigations

Just a few short weeks after Iowa shamefully enacted an “ag-gag” bill in an effort to stop undercover investigations inside factory farms, Utah is now joining the list. Yesterday, Utah Governor Gary Herbert signed an “ag-gag” bill into law that makes “agriculture operation interference” a crime, punishable by up to one year in jail. What exactly is “agricultural operation interference”?

Is COK’s Investigation the Last Time the Public Will See Inside Iowa Factory Farms?

Compassion Over Killing Staff Investigations

Agribusiness interests in Iowa desperately don’t want you to see this COK video: In fact, Iowa Ag has been feverishly pushing through a state-level ”ag-gag” bill aimed at criminalizing undercover investigations, like COK’s, that shine a bright light on the cruel and inhumane treatment of animals rampantly found on factory farms.  Shamefully, Iowa’s Governor signed this dangerous bill into law late last week.