COK Investigation Update: Pilgrim’s Responds, Calls Acts on Video “Unacceptable”

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Late last month, CNN aired an exclusive, in-depth report breaking COK’s latest undercover video exposing shocking cruelty to chickens at a North Carolina factory farm that supplies Pilgrim’s, the second-largest chicken slaughterer in the world. Our heartbreaking footage uncovers horrors that include birds genetically manipulated to grow so obese, they suffer from painful and debilitating leg deformities, sick or injured …

animal rights activist award

COK Investigator Taylor Wins Animal Rights Activist Award!

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Last weekend at the annual WorldFest in Los Angles, COK investigator Taylor Radig was honored to receive the Patty Shenker Animal Rights Activist Award! She proudly accepted this on behalf of former and current investigators who cannot receive — but very much deserve — public recognition for their brave work to expose animal abuse. When Taylor decided to become an …


Rancho Meat Recall Roundup: Cows with Cancer and a Criminal Investigation

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In what started out in January as a recall of 40,000 pounds of meat that was processed without the full USDA inspection process has spiraled into a massive 9-million-pound meat recall and a criminal investigation after it was discovered that cows with cancer may have been secretly slaughtered for food. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, Rancho Feeding Corp., a …

pork industry

Diarrhea: It’s What’s for Dinner—What the Pork Industry Doesn’t Want You to Know

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Did you ever wonder why people sometimes don’t always feel so well after eating pork? Well, as the saying goes … you are what you eat. A new investigation released today by The Humane Society of the United States shines a spotlight on the routine horrors forced upon female pigs who are kept locked inside crates – and it also …

California Dairy

COK Update: USDA Shuts Down California Dairy Cow Slaughter Plant – Again

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As reported yesterday afternoon by the Los Angeles Times, the US Dept. of Agriculture (USDA) just shut down Central Valley Meat, a California dairy cow slaughterhouse, for failing to meet standards relating to cleanliness. Feb 19 Update: COK learned this afternoon that the USDA lifted its suspension earlier today, and Central Valley Meat is back in operation. Stay tuned for …

Meat Recall

Slaughter Plant Investigated by COK Issues Meat Recall

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Earlier this month, US Department of Agriculture (USDA) officials announced nearly 90,000 pounds of ground meat are being recalled from Central Valley Meat, a dairy cow slaughter plant in California. The recall was issued based on concerns that the meat, which was being distributed to student cafeterias via the National School Lunch Program, may contain small pieces of plastic.