Q&A: Olympic Medalist & Animal Advocate, Dotsie Bausch

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Olympic cyclist and dedicated activist, Dotsie Bausch, is a true champion for animals! Dotsie has teamed up with Compassion Over Killing to empower thousands to take our VegWeek VegPledge. She also personally penned a letter urging Papa John’s to offer vegan cheese. Now, Dotsie shares her inspiring story as a vegan athlete, and how she cycled her way to a …

Diving Into “What a Fish Knows” with Jonathan Balcombe

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You could say Jonathan Balcombe wrote the book on what a fish knows. The author, scientist, and renowned speaker has expended considerable energy exploring the depths (so to speak) of how these underwater animals think, feel, and function. Despite popular misconception, fish are not unfeeling beings driven solely by instinct; in fact, humans have a lot more in common with our finned friends than you might …

Chrystal’s Story: Why I Went Undercover

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Chrystal Ferber didn’t grow up thinking some day she’d wear a hidden camera and risk it all by going behind the closed doors of a giant industry desperate to keep its dark and violent secrets tucked away from public view. In fact, when she watched an undercover video of factory farming for the first time, she was so horrified, she …


New Movie “Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret” Puts Environmental Executives in the Hot Seat

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Like many of us, Kip Anderson was inspired by Al Gore’s 2006 documentary, An Inconvenient Truth. An environmentalist at heart, Kip was quick to incorporate the film’s suggestions in an effort to reduce his carbon footprint. But he wanted to do more so he could have more of a meaningful impact and that’s when he discovered that the single greatest …

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COK Interview with Vegan Artist Dana Ellyn

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Dana Ellyn’s talent shined through at a young age, though growing up, she was quiet and reserved – until about age 30. Looking at her extensive portfolio, it’s clear she found her voice. Her paintings have powerful stories to tell and opinions to profess. Her work can be more accurately described as colorful, creative critiques of social norms – questioning …

The Vegg Cookbook

The Vegg Cookbook: Egg-Free Cooking Uncaged!

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The VeggIt’s been just over a year since The Vegg was launched, and this versatile plant-based egg yolk replacer has taken the market by storm. Consumers everywhere — from the US to Switzerland to Australia — are using it to whip up amazing vegan creations including omelets, crepes, hollandaise sauce, quiche and so much more. What makes The Vegg so unique is that it looks, smells, and even tastes like egg yolk – but without all the cruelty, which is good news for hens! Plus, every time you buy The Vegg, 10% of sales are donated to Compassion Over Killing.


PlantFit: COK Interviews Vegan Crossfitter Ed Bauer

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If you’re familiar with the terms “wall balls, WODs, boxes and snatches,” you’ve likely heard of or participated in Crossfit. A high-intensity workout that is quickly acquiring a loyal community of followers, Crossfit is taking the fitness world–and ESPN by storm. Crossfitters workout together at a “box,” perform a Workout of the Day (WOD), and many choose to follow the program’s encouraged diet: Paleo. However, a growing number of people within the Crossfit community are choosing to forgo the Paleo diet to opt for healthier plant-based options. That’s exactly the type of approach to nutrition that Crossfitter and coach Ed Bauer wants his clients to follow.

vegan for her

Q&A: Dietitian Virginia Messina Dishes on “Vegan for Her”

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While there’s an abundance of research overwhelmingly supporting the health benefits of choosing plant-based foods, there isn’t much out there specifically addressing women’s unique physical and life experiences—and our corresponding nutritional needs—until now.

Vegan for Her: The Woman’s Guide to Being Healthy and Fit on a Plant-Based Diet, by dietitian and Vegan for Life co-author Virginia Messina with recipes and tips by lifestyle coach and blogger JL Fields, offers women practical information for optimal health throughout their life.