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Millions of Bodies to be Composted on Taxpayer Dime in North Carolina

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Over a month after Hurricane Florence hit North Carolina, decimating factory farms where millions of animals were left to die and untreated waste lagoons spilled into waterways, the state continues to suffer. The cause of this suffering, of course, is not just September’s natural disaster–but the huge amount of wasteful and toxic animal agriculture in North Carolina in its path. …

VIDEO: Heartbreaking Aftermath of Hurricane Florence

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This month, Compassion Over Killing investigators have been on the ground — and in the air — in North Carolina. Among the devastating flooding, they have documented the toll of this deadly storm on the environment, surrounding residential areas, and on animals. It is a severe toll that’s been multiplied by factory farms, where manure lagoons have spilled tons of …

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Shocking Before & After Hurricane Florence Photos Show Devastation on Factory Farms

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Days after Hurricane Florence, North Carolina continues to struggle to recover. And as predicted, the storm’s impact has been devastating, particularly for vulnerable communities near factory farms located within the Cape Fear River watershed. As record rainfall flooded farms, Florence’s death toll continues to rise. So far the storm has claimed the lives of an estimated 5,500 pigs and 3.4 …

Hurricane Florence Threatens Millions of Human and Animal Lives

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Animals at risk As Hurricane Florence threatens east coast communities, people and their companion animals are evacuating. But in North Carolina, millions of lives remain at risk. Pigs, birds, and cows will be subject to flooding, winds, and overall extremely dangerous conditions. In the state of North Carolina alone, farmed pigs nearly outnumber people. There are currently upwards of 9 …