New Investigation: Slaughterhouse Horrors for Hens

Behind nearly every  “incredible edible” egg sold in grocery stores today is a hen so intensively confined inside a barren wire battery cage, she can barely even move. With just 67 square inches of floor space on which to live – about the size of an iPad – she can’t even flap her wings, let alone nest, perch, dust bathe, …

Factory Farm Employees

Cruelty Charges Filed against Pig Factory Farm Employees

Tyson-HSUS-2012-275x335.jpgEarlier this year, The Humane Society of the United States released a graphic undercover video revealing extreme cruelty to mother pigs and their piglets inside the Wheatland, Wyo.-based Wyoming Premium Farms.

The footage – which shows downright sadistic scenes of animal abuse including mother
pigs repeatedly punched and kicked in the face, piglets swung around by
their back legs or kicked like soccer balls – was turned over to local authorities who announced this week that further action will be taken.