Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel Promotes Plant Strong Diet

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Rahm-Engine2-350x235.jpgIn the land of half-smokes and hot dogs, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel is making headlines by encouraging city residents to take charge of their health by eating more plant-based foods.

As a champion of healthy-eating initiatives, Mayor Emanuel has cracked down on junk food in school vending machines as well as worked to improve access to fresh foods in the city’s “food deserts.” 

Maryland Law Takes Effect: Arsenic Banned from Chicken Feed

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Yes, arsenic. It’s a known toxin and carcinogen, yet it’s commonly used as an additive to chicken feed. Why? It’s been fed to chickens since the 1940s to promote growth and kill parasites.

Sound shocking and dangerous? Maryland Delegate Tom Hucker thought so, too. So in 2010, he introduced a bill in the state legislature aiming to prohibit poultry companies from adding this toxic drug to feed given to chickens who are raised for their meat.


Dying for a Piece of Meat? Yes, it Might Kill You.

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meat-kills-gunonplate-250x187.jpgIt’s no secret that eating a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains and other plant-based foods is good for our health. In just the past couple of years alone, as delicious vegan options keep sprouting up everywhere, so too are the number of people touting the many benefits of choosing meat-free meals — including Bill Clinton, Oprah Winfrey, Al Sharpton, Ellen Degeneres, Ted Danson, UFC fighter Jake Shields, and Mike Tyson, to name a few.

Celebrate American Heart Month with Heart-Healthy Veggie Foods

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fruit and veggie heartWith Valentine’s Day just around the corner, it’s only fitting that February is dedicated as “American Heart Month.”

According to the Division for Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention at the CDC, one in every three deaths in the U.S. is due to heart-related illnesses. That’s more than 2,200 fatalities per day, making cardiovascular disease the country’s leading cause of death. Moreover, hospitalizations due to these ailments cost upwards of $440 billion in health care expenses and lost productivity—which has a significant impact in a down economy.


Want to Eat, Look and Feel like a Pro Athlete? Go Vegan.

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venuswilliams-150x177.jpegOk, we can’t guarantee that you’ll be able to serve like Venus or Serena Williams, run like olympian Carl Lewis or do the Tour de France with Dave Zabriskie.

But, if you’re hitting the gym and want to take a page from the pros this year, whether your favorite sport is tennis, running, cycling, triathlon, martial arts, boxing, or bodybuilding, it’s all the same advice: go vegan.

Want Some Best-selling Advice? Go Vegan.

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books_0.jpgSelf-help book and advice column authors cover just about all topics imaginable: how to save a relationship, how to end a relationship, how to practice one’s religion, how to persuade others, and really every possible goal you could ever have in life. With so many pursuits to comment on, so much knowledge to impart, what is the current focus, eating up a 30% share of the New York Times best-sellers list for advice books? Choosing vegan foods.

That’s right: it turns out the winning message these days is leaving animals off our plates and enjoying a longer, happier, healthier, and more humane lifestyle. If you were looking for an upbeat moment of reflection on how far we’ve come, now is a good time to rejoice. People want to learn about the benefits and ease of making plant-based food choices.