Grilled Cheese Day

It’s National (Vegan) Grilled Cheese Day!

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Vegan Grilled CheeseWho doesn’t love a good vegan grilled cheese sandwich? That’s why we’re putting a compassionate spin on this food holiday, making it National (Vegan) Grilled Cheese Day. And to celebrate, we’re sharing our award-winning gourmet vegan grilled cheese recipe!

Last year, COK competed in the 10th Annual Grilled Cheese Invitational (GCI) at the Pasadena Rose Bowl–and we took home the trophy for 3rd place in the professional chef category!

John Salley

NBA Star John Salley Kicks off US VegWeek Events

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John Salleyt The fifth annual US VegWeek kicks off in less than 2 weeks! This nationwide event, which begins on Earth Day (April 22), offers a fun and supportive way to explore the many flavors and benefits of vegetarian eating.

Thousands of people–including scores of lawmakers–have already agreed to take our 7-day pledge, and it’s not too to sign up! Are you up the for challenge?

connecticut schools

Connecticut Schools Meat-Free to Celebrate US VegWeek

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Guilford Schools Chef Timothy Cipriano, Director of Food Services of Guilford Public Schools (GPS) in Guilford, Connecticut, touts an unusual and commendable specialty on his LinkedIn profile: “Working with kids to get them to appreciate good wholesome real food.” And that’s exactly why he was recruited by Guilford’s Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Paul Freeman, to ramp up the nutritional integrity of the GPS lunch program.

Matt Ruscigno

An Interview with Vegan Athlete and Dietician Matt Ruscigno

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Matt RuscignoMatt Ruscigno is not your ordinary dietician. When he’s not trekking 3,300 miles cross-country on a bike and running 50-mile races, he’s busy creating a web documentary series on vegan athletes, giving talks about the benefits of vegan food, and consulting others on their own personal eating habits. And he still managed to find a few spare moments to talk with us for this featured interview.

He’s visiting the DC-area this week, so don’t miss your chance to meet him while he’s in town.

Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning: 5 Tips to Clean Up Your Diet this Season

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Spring Cleaning“Spring Cleaning” is a phrase many of us are familiar with, and we often use the first warm days of the year to deep clean our houses, update our wardrobes for spring weather, or even reorganize various aspects of our lives. Why not also take this time to reexamine the foods we eat and swap them out for healthier, more humane, and environmentally-friendly options? It’s easy, and we’ve got five simple steps to help you “spring clean” your diet.


When Drugs Become Dangerous: Antibiotics in Agriculture

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AntibioticsAlexander Fleming’s discovery of penicillin was a breakthrough in modern medicine, and who of us hasn’t relied on the effectiveness of antibiotics to cure an infection at some point in our lives? The overuse of antibiotics, however, is leading to an increase of drug-resistant “superbugs” which cause harder-to-treat and more-likely-to-be-lethal infections. Doctors across the country have recognized this threat, and have stopped the practice of over prescribing. Despite this effort, one industry gets away with unchecked and unregulated use of antibiotics: animal agriculture.

Industrial animal farms add low-level antibiotics (often without veterinary oversight) to animal feed to foster faster growth and mitigate the spread of disease caused by keeping thousands of animals in cramped, filthy factory farms.

Ellen Kanner

Q&A: Edgy Veggie Ellen Kanner on Life, Faith, and What to Eat for Dinner

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Ellen KannerEllen Kanner—award-winning food writer, Meatless Monday blogger for The Huffington Post, syndicated columnist Edgy Veggie, and now author of Feeding the Hungry Ghost: Life, Faith and What to Eat for Dinner—has invited you to share a meal. You, and the 7 billion other people on this planet (or as she calls it, her “ideal dinner party guest list”), as she wants nothing more than for “everyone to be fed, nourished, and celebrated.”

With that desire, this ardent advocate for organic, sustainable, and accessible food has penned a glorious memoir/cookbook to satiate both our souls and our appetites. Because we so often resemble the hungry ghosts of Taoist lore—eating mindlessly, wandering aimlessly, and wanting more than food itself can provide—Ellen, with warmth, humor, empathy, and insight, offers that recognizing our relationship to food (how it’s grown, a recipe’s cultural and spiritual underpinnings) gives it as much depth and flavor as fresh ingredients or lavish spices, and ultimately provides the real sustenance we’re craving: meaning, emotional fulfillment, community. According to Ellen, “Saffron, tarragon, cardamom, and cumin make food taste better. Culture, connection, and faith do the same thing for our lives.”


This Valentine’s Day Have a Heart for Animals, Your Health, and the Environment

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Every year on Valentine’s Day, we’re inclined to buy candies, cards, flowers, and stuffed animals to show our loved ones, friends, and family just how much we care. Why not, however, go beyond these small displays of affection and make choices that truly have a positive impact for animals, for your health, and the environment? It’s as simple as choosing to leave animals off our plate this Valentine’s Day.