A Scary New Superbug Is Here, Thanks to Animal Agriculture

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The threat of drug-resistant bacteria — also known as “superbugs” — is getting more serious by the day. Humans worldwide are at risk of falling prey to deadly microbes that are immune to antibiotics. So what’s fueling the rise in these terrifying infections? Reckless and rampant antibiotic use in animal agriculture. In a piece titled “The Superbug That Doctors Have Been Dreading Just Reached the U.S.,” The Washington Post …

New Dietary Guidelines: Big Ag Lobby Overpowers Science

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The new U.S. Dietary Guidelines for Americans are officially out — and health experts aren’t happy. Despite overwhelming evidence that heavy meat consumption contributes to heart disease, premature death, and cancer, the guidelines are conspicuously quiet about cutting back consumption. Sadly, these rules impact school meal programs, public nutrition efforts, and even food labels — so they influence the health of millions of Americans. Many leading …

Science Says Processed Meats Cause Cancer, Meat Industry Cries Foul

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Monday morning PSA alert: it’s time to put down that plateful of pig. In addition to clogging your arteries, processed meat may be giving you cancer. In a powerful new report released by a World Health Organization (WHO) group, scientists have concluded that processed meats like bacon and hot dogs cause cancer — and that other types of meat likely …

Vegan Kids!

Vegan Kids are Sprouting Up Everywhere!

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A growing number of kids are, well, growing up vegan! Polls show that the Millenial generation now makes up 42% of vegetarians and vegans in America – and are carving out their own version of “mainstream” by raising their children with healthier and more humane foods too. This is good news everyone! Last week, the UK’s Guardian featured an article …


NutritionFacts.org – Revamped & Ready to Save Lives!

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One of our favorite health resources, NutritionFacts.org, just got a new look – and we are absolutely loving it! The new and improved site, produced by the esteemed nutritional expert Dr. Michael Greger, features short videos and blogs on the latest in clinical nutrition that are as entertaining as they are educational. The site covers nearly two thousand health topics from gluten-free …

meatless monday

What’s Our Favorite Day of the Week? (Hint: It’s NOT Friday!)

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We love Meatless Monday – and so do millions of Americans. This campaign is celebrated far and wide, in cities from coast to coast and across the globe, as a simple and fun way to help protect our health, the environment, and animals. Did you know Meatless Monday was first initiated by the US government during World War I? It was …

runner's world

On the Cover: It’s a Vegan Runner’s World!

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The October issue of Runner’s World is a Nutrition Special that boasts the magazine’s makeover – it’s “more inspiring, useful, and delightful.” Most notably, though, there’s a vegan runner featured on the cover of this mainstream publication: Micah Risk. After admiring those awesome VEGAN socks, you might be wondering, who is Micah Risk? As Runner’s World explains, “She’s a regular …

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91 Year Old Vegan Runner Breaks World Record

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While most people are merely hoping to still be alive and healthy at 91 years old, vegan runner Mike Fremont is running races – and breaking world records. What’s his secret? “Training is important, but when you get to be my age, you’re not going to able to train at all unless your body holds up,” said Fremont. “I simply cannot overemphasize …

heart disease

Eating Less than One Egg a Day Increases Heart Disease and Diabetes Risk

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No matter how they’re fried, scrambled, or whipped, eggs are “by far the number one source of cholesterol in the American diet,” with health consequences that may be even more severe than smoking. This is hardly new information. In fact, 20 years ago, the Federal Trade Commission engaged in legal action to stop the egg industry from claiming eggs had …