All Treats, No Tricks: Your Guide to Vegan Halloween Candies!

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Halloween is creeping up on us quickly… it’s just 5 days away! If you’re looking for tasty treats that are sweet to animals, have no fear. We have your guide to the ultimate vegan Halloween candies to give out to trick-or-treaters (or enjoy for yourself). Read on, because we even have a special Smarties giveaway and a video packed with …

Q&A: Liz Dee Unwraps Story Behind Smarties (Plus,Win a Year’s Supply!)

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Halloween is quickly approaching, and we’re ready to celebrate with vegan sweets that aren’t ghoulish to animals! If you’re looking for kind candy to give out to trick-or-treaters, Smarties are a smart choice. Did you know they’re vegan? We talked one-on-one with Smarties Co-President, Liz Dee, about this compassionate, family-run company founded in 1949, which sells over 2 billion rolls …

Tricks AND Treats for a Vegan Halloween

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Halloween, which really is just another word for CANDY, is creeping up on us!  The costume, the decorations, the face paint – are all just prep for the goodies. Whether you’re four or 40, Halloween is the one day a year you get a free pass to unwrap your way into a full-blown SUGAR RUSH. Will you wait in your …

Vegan Halloween

All-Treats, No-Tricks Guide to Vegan Halloween Sweets

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With the most sweets-centric holiday just around the corner, it is crucial that we each take a moment to scan our pantries and decide whether or not we are prepared for Halloween. So stop brainstorming costume ideas and make sure you are well-stocked with treats that are free of dairy, gelatin, and other things that go bump in the night before the flood of trick-or-treaters arrives!

Halloween Treats

Vegan Halloween Treats that are Frighteningly Good

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halloween bunnyHalloween isn’t just for kids. And it isn’t all about candy. Ok, maybe it’s mostly about the candy. Thankfully, there’s no real trick to finding delicious animal-friendly sweets — they’re everywhere! From Airheads to Taffy to Peanut Chews to Twizzlers and everything in between, check out this handy “Offical Guide to Vegan Halloween Candy” from VegNews magazine.