Vegan Cuts

Vegan Cuts Deal: Buy a Necklace, Spread Compassion, Benefit COK!

NecklacesOur friends at Vegan Cuts have launched a new line of super cute necklaces featuring three different maple wood pendants – a rabbit, a lamb, and a fox. These necklaces aren’t just adorable and stylish — they also support Compassion Over Killing’s work to protect animals! How?

When you buy your necklace (necklaces) on Vegan Cuts, simply select Compassion Over Killing from the non-profit drop down menu and 10% of your purchase will be automatically donated to support our live-saving campaigns.

10 Ways to Sweeten Your Holiday Season


We recently shared some delicious vegan recipes that will make your friends — and the animals — sing for joy. And now COK has 10 ways to make your holiday season even sweeter!

Nine of them come in the form of organic vegan truffles: hazelnut, cherry, orange, almond, cappuccino, cashew, blueberry, (vegan) milk chocolate and coconut! made by Sjaak’s Organic Chocolates, these truffles are made from the highest quality gourmet, organic ingredients — and they’re made from fair trade chocolate. Plus, the box includes a special message of compassion from COK!