Report: Vegan Eating Soaring in the US

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More and more consumers are trying veg, and as demand for plant-based options continues to grow, the food industry is looking to get in on this meat-free market. QSR recently suggested that brands can improve their restaurants by ‘inviting vegans‘ with menu items. And the new “Top Trends in Prepared Foods 2017” report by research firm Global Data offers companies the same …

Food Trends = Plants & Meat-Free Meats are IN!

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Plant-based “meats” had a big year in 2016: from their starring spot on the World Health Summit menu, to being sold right alongside their meat counterparts in meat aisles across the US. Grist writes, “Someday we’ll look back at 2016 as the year we realized we might be perfectly happy to give up meat.” As consumers increasingly choose plant-based options, major stores …

Plant-Based: A 2017 Top Global Food Trend!

Compassion Over Killing Staff Veg Eating

Vegan eating has been soaking up the spotlight, from being named the hottest trend in fast-casual food, to making the menu at this year’s World Health Summit. Plants are no longer a side dish — they’re the star of the plate! And Mintel is taking note. The market research firm has released its Global Food and Drink Trends of 2017 and sprouting up on the …

Culinary Institute: Plants are the Future of Protein

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The future of food lies in the power of plants, as noted by the CIA! No, not the CIA in DC. We’re talking about the prestigious Culinary Institute of America in New York. The CIA is currently calling on chefs to stir health and sustainability into their meals by focusing less on meat and more on plant sources of protein. …

New Report: Meat, Dairy Alternatives ‘Could Take Over the Mainstream’

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Scanning the shelves of your average Safeway or Kroger, it’s obvious that vegan foods have made their way into the mainstream. From Gardein to Daiya to Silk, plant-based brands are creating products that even the most traditional of eaters enjoy. This change in attitudes about meat, egg, and dairy alternatives has earned attention in a new, international report from Mintel, a …


One Year Later: Google Proves Vegan “Trend” is Here to Stay

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Thanks to celebrity and public figure endorsements such as Beyonce, Jay-Z, and Al Gore; widespread media attention to the abominable conditions in factory farms as captured by undercover investigators; and a clear, nationwide growing investment in human health and sustainable living, interest in and awareness of the benefits of vegan eating are on the rise.