Vegan-Strong: Patrik Baboumian, Built by Plants

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Compassion Over Killing’s Vegan-Strong Athlete videos feature sports and fitness starts who are healthy, strong, and powered by a plant-based diet! In our new video, we talk with Patrik Baboumian, known as “Vegan Badass.” One of the world’s strongest men, Patrik shares the inspiring story of how he is fueled by his compassion for all animals and a healthy vegan …

Vegan-Strong Athlete: Rich Roll

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Get Ready. Set. Go: Compassion Over Killing is excited to launch our new video series, Vegan-Strong Athletes! We’ll be featuring numerous sports and fitness stars who are healthy, strong, and powered by plants. In our first video, we talk with ultra-endurance athlete Rich Roll, who shares the inspiring story of how a whole-foods, plant-based diet completely transformed his life. He’s …

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Vegans are Champions – for their Countries and Animals – in Sochi Olympics

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To compete in the Olympic Games, athletes must be at their peak physical performance – and Russian bobsledder Alexey Voyevoda and Canadian figure skater Meagan Duhamel are proving that powerhouse plant-based foods are the way to gain energy, recover quickly, and win medals! Meagan Duhamel, competing in the 2014 Sochi Olympics, won a silver medal in team figure skating while …

Vegan Bodybuilder

Vegan Bodybuilders Flex Their Muscles and Take Home Medals

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There has been a lot of news this summer touting the benefits of eating vegan for an athletic edge. Whether it’s ultra runners like Scott Jurek who have been winning races as a dedicated vegan for years or professional NFL players eager to improve their health and their performance, these athletes help build a simple yet powerful narrative: removing animal products from your diet not only improves health but can also give you an athletic boost.