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Dunkin’ Exploring Adding Plant-Based Protein to Menu

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Donut and coffee chain Dunkin’ is considering getting into the vegan fast-food game by adding plant-based proteins to its breakfast offerings. “We’re going to look at plant-based proteins as well, going forward,” said CEO David Hoffmann to CNBC last week. In response to a Compassion Over Killing campaign, Dunkin’ started pouring out non-dairy milk options in 2014. Now, we’re asking …


Qdoba To Launch Plant-Based Impossible “Meat” Nationwide

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Starting on May 28, Qdoba Mexican Eats will be offering plant-based protein Impossible meat in 730 locations nationwide! After testing in Michigan, the fast-casual chain decided to go full steam ahead in Brooklyn, Denver, and Los Angeles this April, with plans to expand across the country in May. Qdoba’s Impossible protein is seasoned Mexican-style with a blend of spices including …

Burger King Reigns Over Meatless Market with New Impossible Whopper

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UPDATE: After a successful trial in St. Louis, Burger King is now planning to roll out the Impossible Whopper nationwide this year. By 2020, Impossible Whoppers should be available in all 7,000+ stores. After MorningStar Farms’ announcement that the vegetarian line would be going fully vegan, there was a lot of speculation over whether Burger King, which currently carries a …

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Taco Bell to Test New Vegetarian & Vegan Menu

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As it stands, Taco Bell might be the most vegan-friendly fast food chain in the United States, with seemingly endless ways to veganize menu items. And in 2019, the chain is taking that one step further. In its new seven commitments for 2019, Taco Bell announced a resolution to test a dedicated vegetarian menu with some brand new items, including …

McDonald’s Debuts Vegan Burger in Chicago: Ask for One Nationwide!

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As demand for vegan food sizzles across the country, mega fast food chain McDonald’s just cooked up a vegan burger option now on the menu at its Chicago headquarters. Join us in asking the fast food chain to ‘ketchup’ to its fast food competitors by serving up a vegan burger nationwide! Compassion Over Killing, along with a coalition of organizations, …

McDonald’s Testing New McVegan Burger

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Meatless options are everywhere these days. With so many options available, it’s easier than ever before to find delicious plant-based foods. Compassion Over Killing campaigns, and requests from thousands of compassionate consumers, have prompted vegan menu options at Subway, Dunkin’ Donuts, Starbucks (join Jane Velez-Mitchell & ask Starbucks for more vegan foods today!), Pita Pit, and more. Nevertheless, McDonald’s has been …

4 Signs Vegan Food is Everywhere

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Meatless is mainstream, and plant-based foods are firmly rooted in their spots on menus nationwide, as well as around the globe. The market for meat alternatives is set to reach $5.17 billion by 2020, and as research firm Global Data recently found, a soaring number of US consumers are increasingly aware of the “impact of meat consumption” and choosing more …

Coming Right Up: The First 24-Hour Vegan Drive-Thru!

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Meat-free meals are being served up nationwide and around the world. Especially in fast food, plant-based is the hottest trend right now, offering delicious but healthier and animal-free options. White Castle just added a second vegan slider to its menu to answer customer cravings, and both Chipotle and Taco Bell rolled out easy guides to ordering vegan. And in June: Canada’s …

Crave Vegan Burgers? White Castle Adds Black Bean Slider

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Vegan is the hottest thing in fast food right now. Due to customer demand, Taco Bell and Chipotle have even rolled out guides to choosing from many vegan options. Craving a burger instead? White Castle just unveiled its new Black Bean Slider, a second meatless option on the menu that already includes a popular vegan Veggie Slider. The makers of both patties, Dr. …