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Plant-Powered Planet Protectors March in San Francisco

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This Saturday, Compassion Over Killing marched for the planet in the San Francisco Rise for Climate, Jobs, and Justice with a coalition of groups including Plant Based Foods Association, Climate Friendly Agriculture Alliance, The Humane League, V-Dog, Center for Biological Diversity, and many more. Together, these organizations marched under a united banner: the Plant-Powered Planet Protectors, or P4. Our empowering …

COK Urges USDA to Say No to Less Pig Industry Regulation

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On Monday, Compassion Over Killing submitted a legal comment urging USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service not to adopt their proposed rule eliminating federal regulations requiring pig carcasses to be cleaned prior to incision. COK joins several consumer advocacy groups, including Food & Water Watch, Center for Food Safety, and Government Accountability Project, in opposing this measure. Not only does …

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Activists Pressure McDonald’s To Do Better By Birds

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Last Sunday, over 220 activists gathered at McDonald’s in Los Angeles to protest the terrible treatment of birds in McDonald’s chicken supply line. The demonstration was part of a coalition effort led by The Humane League, Compassion Over Killing, Animal Equality, and Mercy For Animals to encourage the fast food giant to implement meaningful standards that would eliminate some of …

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Coalition Urges NC Governor to Veto Dangerous Big Ag Protection Bill

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Compassion Over Killing has joined a coalition of animal protection organizations in sending a letter to North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper, urging him to veto a dangerous bill on his desk. Titled “Farm Act of 2018,” Senate bill 711 effectively strips North Carolinians of the right to file nuisance lawsuits against neighboring pig factory farms. The Coalition, including Farm Sanctuary, …

Stop Dangerous King Amendment from Gutting Animal Protection Laws

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One of the largest threats facing animals in the United States right now will soon come to a vote in the House of Representatives. You can take action to stop it by taking a quick moment to contact your elected officials. The House Agriculture Committee has passed its 2018 Farm Bill out of committee, with Representative Steve King’s dangerous amendment …

These Women Are Changing the World

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Women comprise almost 51% of the population — and they’re even more of a dominant force in the farm animal protection and advocacy movement! The vast majority of humans working in this field have always been female, from chefs to front-line activists to those leading organizations. These rock star advocates deserve accolades for their remarkable work to create a kinder …

COK Urging USDA to Protect Animals Suffering in Organic Program

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Deadline to submit public comments to USDA: January 18 at 11:59pm ET! Scroll down for sample language! Animals raised and killed for organic-labeled products often spend their lives crowded on filthy industrial farms, just like other farmed animals. Meanwhile, Big Ag profits off consumers’ beliefs that these animals are treated more humanely. For nearly a year, the USDA has been delaying …

World Vegan Day: Simple Ways to Celebrate Compassion!

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Today is World Vegan Day! Sadly, more than nine billion animals are slaughter for food each year in the U.S.  As Compassion Over Killing’s investigations have exposed time and time again, animals endure systematic cruelty and suffering on factory farms. But you have the power to stand up for animals every time you sit down to eat, simply by choosing …

‘Okja’ Inspires Vegan Searches to Spike

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“Okja” is changing the way people look at food. The film’s release on Netflix has inspired Google searches for “vegan” to spike by 65 percent. “Okja” came out in mid-May and according to Google Trends, searches were shooting upwards by late June, meaning more people were searching for info about a vegan lifestyle. A Netflix production, the film has been …