This Valentine’s Day Have a Heart for Animals, Your Health, and the Environment

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Every year on Valentine’s Day, we’re inclined to buy candies, cards, flowers, and stuffed animals to show our loved ones, friends, and family just how much we care. Why not, however, go beyond these small displays of affection and make choices that truly have a positive impact for animals, for your health, and the environment? It’s as simple as choosing to leave animals off our plate this Valentine’s Day.

Our Forks: A Four-Pronged Approach to Protect the Planet

Compassion Over Killing Staff Environment

For over 40 years, Earth Day—celebrated on April 22—has been inspiring people everywhere to take steps to help the environment. Did you know that perhaps the single most important action each of us can take to protect the planet is simply to choose meat-free foods?

Animal agriculture is considered one of the leading causes of pollution and resource depletion today. According to the United Nations, raising chickens, turkeys, pigs, cows and other animals for food contributes nearly one-fifth (18%) of all global human-induced greenhouse gas emissions.