al gore

Al Gore Fights Global Warming with His Fork: He’s Vegan!

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Former Vice President Al Gore has accepted an inconvenient truth: animal agriculture is one of the primary contributors to global warming. Just last week, word got out that Gore is now vegan. The news was released in a Forbes article, and the Washington Post followed up the tip by finding “an individual familiar with Gore’s decision” to confirm the claim.

climate reality project

Vegan Leaders Join Al Gore’s Climate Reality Project

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This week, environmental activists from around the world will join former Vice President Al Gore in Chicago for training through the Climate Reality Project. It’s a three-day summit focusing on public speaking, community organizing, and the latest climate science, with the expectation that in the next year, they’ll each host their own climate-related events and submit articles to newspapers about this important issue.

beyond eggs

Interview: COK Talks with Josh Tetrick about Beyond Eggs

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You know you can bake at home without using eggs, so why don’t major food manufacturers cut the cruelty and go egg-free? Enter Hampton Creek Foods, a one year-old company backed by well-known venture capitalists that is cracking the code on eggs and hatching a cruelty-free solution.

Veg Celebrities

The Chemistry of Being Meat-Free: A Periodic Table of Veg Celebrities

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Even for those of us who weren’t chemistry buffs, the periodic table of elements always had interesting appeal, perhaps because the renowned chart demonstrated so much ingenuity and potential in the world around us. What else has potential? Choosing vegan foods. Simply by leaving animals off of our plates, we can prevent and reverse illness, preserve the environment and precious resources, and protect billions of cows, chickens, and pigs from a life of suffering.

In Vitro Meat

The First Burger Made from In Vitro Meat

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From Tofurky sausages to Gardein chicken to Daiya vegan cheese, plant-based meats and dairy products are quickly gaining popularity–and winning over the hearts and tastes of thousands. In fact, according to the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, meat consumption nationwide has decreased 12% since 2007–and more people are searching for information on vegan eating.

Earth Day

US VegWeek 2013 Kicks Off Today – Earth Day!

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Today marks the 43rd anniversary of Earth Day, a day intended to encourage individuals to take meaningful actions in their everyday lives that, collectively, contribute to preserving the planet. But in the words of late Wisconsin Senator Gaylord Nelson who founded Earth Day, “Our goal is not just an environment of clean air and water and scenic beauty. The objective is an environment of decency, quality and mutual respect for all other human beings and all other living creatures.”

Protecting the Planet

A Four-Pronged Approach to Protecting the Planet

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For over 40 years, Earth Day—celebrated on April 22—has been inspiring people to take steps to help the environment. Did you know that perhaps the single most important action each of us can take to protect the planet is simply to choose meat-free foods?

Earth Day offers the perfect opportunity to empower others to fight global warming and animal abuse with our forks, and COK’s popular Eating Sustainably brochure is a great way to share this important message.

Newly updated for 2013, this trifold brochure is packed with information (citations included) about the negative environmental impacts of animal agriculture while also highlighting the global calls to action from the United Nations to shift towards a more plant-based diet.

Climate Change Rally

This Weekend: Largest Climate Change Rally in History – What about the Carbon Footprint of the Ralliers?

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People are catching buses from all over the country to come to the nation’s capital this weekend for the largest climate change rally in history — a rally against the construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline. This pipeline, which has been called a “game over for the environment,” would connect the tar sands extraction project in Alberta, Canada with various points across the US, allowing Alberta to ramp up oil extraction. It’s widely considered a major threat to our environment — but what about the carbon footprint of the rally?