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COK Campaign Victory: Dunkin’ Donuts Adds Almond Milk to Its Menu!

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Dunkin’ Donuts is the world’s largest coffee and baked goods chain with more than 7,500 locations throughout the United States, including its first Los Angeles location that opened during Labor Day weekend. Yet, it’s one of the only national coffee chains that hasn’t offered dairy-free milk to all customers – until now, thanks to your requests! We’re so excited to …

Dunkin’ Promises More Plant-Based Options at Shareholder Meeting

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Today, Compassion Over Killing put Dunkin’ on the hot plate for a vegan donut at its annual shareholder meeting–prompting a promising response that there are vegan options on the way! After pouring out almond milk for our dairy-free coffee in 2014, Dunkin’ has yet to cater to the tens of thousands of us asking for a vegan donut. But the …

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Dunkin’ Exploring Adding Plant-Based Protein to Menu

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Donut and coffee chain Dunkin’ is considering getting into the vegan fast-food game by adding plant-based proteins to its breakfast offerings. “We’re going to look at plant-based proteins as well, going forward,” said CEO David Hoffmann to CNBC last week. In response to a Compassion Over Killing campaign, Dunkin’ started pouring out non-dairy milk options in 2014. Now, we’re asking …

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COK and Students Show Dunkin’ How Easy a Vegan Donut Would Be

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Compassion Over Killing teamed up with University of Central Florida student group, Knights for Animal Rights, to show Dunkin’ just how easy and tasty vegan donuts can be — with a vegan donut feed-in right outside of Dunkin’! Dunkin’ has confirmed to COK that it’s testing vegan donut recipes, so we showed the chain how simple this menu addition would be! …

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We’re So Close to a Vegan Donut We Can Almost Taste It…

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We’re so close to a vegan donut at Dunkin’, we can almost taste it. In response to a Compassion Over Killing campaign where YOU asked Dunkin’ Donuts (soon to be called “Dunkin’”) to roll out a compassionate vegan option, Dunkin responded. The top US donut chain told COK it’s currently trying formulas for a vegan donut. But before we could …

Former Dunkin’ Exec. to CEO: Offer a Vegan Donut!

Stuart McDonald Blog, Campaigns

Dunkin’ Donuts’ former Chief Marketing Officer, Glenn Bacheller, just penned a letter to current Dunkin’ CEO David Hoffmann, with a clear message: “make a statement and be the first major chain offer a vegan donut.” Bacheller, who went on to become President of Baskin-Robbins, a sister company of the donut chain, states that he was vegan even while working for …

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YOU DECIDE: Who Will Win the Donut Wars?

Stuart McDonald Blog, Campaigns

In 2014, Dunkin’ Donuts joined Starbucks and other coffee chains and began pouring out non-dairy milks in response to customers asking for more compassionate options for their coffee. But now, as plant-based foods are on the rise, Dunkin’ still uses egg and dairy ingredients in all of their donuts. In order to stir up some friendly competition and show that …

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VIDEO: Alexa, Order Vegan Donuts from Dunkin’

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Dunkin’ Donuts recently teamed up with Amazon’s Alexa in an attempt to make their on-the-go mobile ordering even easier. But what’s the point if we can’t order what we really want — vegan donuts?! Millions of consumers nationwide are opting for plant-based options to help the animals who suffer at the hands of the egg and dairy industries, and to …

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PROGRESS: Dunkin’ Donuts New CEO Says Plant-Based Options Are on the Way

Stuart McDonald Blog

Change is brewing at Dunkin’ Donuts: The chain, now led by a new CEO, is considering vegan options, as thousands ask for vegan treats through Compassion Over Killing’s campaign. Millions of consumers nationwide are opting for plant-based options to help the animals who suffer at the hands of the egg and dairy industries, and protect their health as well as …