Big Dairy pouts that dairy-free “milk” is confusing. Our solution: label “cow milk.”

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Jan. 2017 Update: Sign & share our petition: Tell Big Dairy to label its products “cow milk!” Plant-based milks are flying off the shelves, as Americans ditch dairy for vegan alternatives free of cholesterol and cruelty. It seems a growing number of consumers have stopped swallowing the lies about dairy being good for our bodies, and studies continue to confirm that dairy poses many health …

Class Action Settlement: US Dairy Industry to Pay $52 Million in Price-Fixing Conspiracy that Killed Cows and Cheated Consumers

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As Compassion Over Killing has exposed time and again, the dairy industry has consistently shown its lack of regard for animal welfare — from newborn calves who are taken away from their mothers to “spent” cows shipped off to slaughter. That’s hardly where the unethical behavior ends. According to a class action lawsuit filed in 2011, the industry’s also milking …

How Science is Saving Farmed Animals

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Scientists across the nation are teaming up to save animals and the environment while also feeding the world – and a roster of big-name international investors and venture capitalists are on board. Just last week, the Wall Street Journal announced that a new round of investments in Hampton Creek Foods totaled $90 million. In explaining why his firm as taken …


Milk Consumption Declines with Each Generation

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While milk mustaches may have never really caught on as a fashion trend, the days of this symbolic foamy white upper lip may be numbered. In fact, right now, the dairy industry may be facing its biggest sales threat to date: younger generations with a world of information readily available at their fingertips along with countless dairy-free options available to them.

Mother's Day Menu

How Mom-Friendly is Your Mother’s Day Menu?

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Mother's DayMother’s Day is this Sunday, and in between the long-distance phone calls, breakfasts in bed, and bouquets of flowers, why not take a few moments to celebrate and honor all moms by cooking up a mom-friendly vegan meal? After all, some of the most caring mothers in the world have a beaming heart that beats under fur or feathers – or under water.