9 A-Moo-Sing Facts about Cows

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Cows, like all farmed animals, have unique personalities and experience a wide range of emotions just like humans, cats, and dogs! In fact, these playful animals remind us of man’s best friend in a few ways–if you’re willing to overlook the four extra digestive compartments. Here are a couple things you may not have known about our gentle friends. -Cows, …

Campaign Victory: BOCA Confirms Most of Its Products are Now Vegan!

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Compassion Over Killing is excited to share this breaking news update about our campaign to persuade BOCA Foods to ditch dairy. Over the past few months, the company has eliminated all but 4 items with dairy. That means 8 of BOCA’s 12 products are now completely vegan! BOCA Brand Manager Eric Palmer confirmed in a statement to COK: “At BOCA, …

Hurricane Florence Threatens Millions of Human and Animal Lives

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Animals at risk As Hurricane Florence threatens east coast communities, people and their companion animals are evacuating. But in North Carolina, millions of lives remain at risk. Pigs, birds, and cows will be subject to flooding, winds, and overall extremely dangerous conditions. In the state of North Carolina alone, farmed pigs nearly outnumber people. There are currently upwards of 9 …

‘Cow’ Calls on Kraft Heinz to Kraft a Dairy-Free BOCA

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Today, Compassion Over Killing volunteers — including a costumed cow representing millions of real cows languishing in the dairy industry — took to the sidewalk outside Kraft Heinz’s annual shareholder meeting in Pittsburgh, letting the company’s investors know that consumers are moo-ving on from cruel dairy…and they want a vegan BOCA brand! Just ahead of today’s meeting, major investment bank …


Kraft a Better BOCA: Ditch Dairy!

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The BOCA brand has become a household name at the forefront of the meatless market, appearing on store shelves and restaurants menus nationwide. Yet, BOCA, owned by Kraft Heinz, is lagging behind other vegetarian brands that have moved forward to meet the soaring consumer demand for dairy-free foods. The majority of BOCA’s burgers, bowls, and other products on grocery store …

Calf Rescued After Inspiring Run for His Life Goes Viral

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A calf’s escape from a Brooklyn slaughterhouse yesterday took social media by storm, and as he ran through the city streets, he won the hearts of thousands of people rooting for a rescue. The scared young steer was likely experiencing “freedom” for the first time, and a child was injured in his frantic running before he was recaptured. But, before …