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COK Urges USDA to Deny Bird Slaughter Speed Increase

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On August 15, Compassion Over Killing sent a letter to the USDA after four poultry producers petitioned for a waiver that would permit increased slaughter speed. The letter, sent in support of an earlier ask by a coalition of twelve worker and consumer safety groups, explains that raising slaughter speeds from 140 birds per minute to 175 birds per minute …

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Take Action: Mountaire Falls Silent on Cruel Animal Practice

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As Mountaire, the sixth largest poultry producer in the United States, comes under fire for creating environmental and health hazards, including a wrongful death suit, it also remains silent on issues of animal welfare. Unlike 17 of the 20 top poultry producers, Mountaire has yet to publicly confirm that they do not use the cruel practice of “nose boning” in …

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COK Brings Mobile Ad to Chicken Marketing Summit

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As poultry industry executives descended on the Four Seasons Resort at Florida’s Disney World for the Chicken Marketing Summit, so did Compassion Over Killing. As the conference filled up with attendees, thousands witnessed a powerful COK mobile billboard revealing the unhappiest place on Earth for birds: Tyson Foods. As COK investigative footage has revealed, birds in Tyson’s supply chain endure …

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Activists Pressure McDonald’s To Do Better By Birds

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Last Sunday, over 220 activists gathered at McDonald’s in Los Angeles to protest the terrible treatment of birds in McDonald’s chicken supply line. The demonstration was part of a coalition effort led by The Humane League, Compassion Over Killing, Animal Equality, and Mercy For Animals to encourage the fast food giant to implement meaningful standards that would eliminate some of …

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KFC Begins Testing Vegetarian Chicken in UK

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Kentucky Fried Chicken is now testing vegetarian chicken in its stores across the UK and Ireland. If successful, KFC expects to start officially selling the meatless menu item in 2019. Here in the US, as chains like Starbucks, Subway, and White Castle roll out plant-based options to meet soaring consumer demand, Compassion Over Killing is urging KFC to do the …

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Federal Court Allows Case Against North Carolina Ag-Gag Law to Proceed

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This week, the United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit overturned the district court’s ruling dismissing a challenge to North Carolina’s ag-gag law. This dangerous law, targeting undercover investigations, first came into effect in January of 2016 after the state legislature overrode a veto by then Governor Pat McCrory. Ag-gag laws are designed to protect factory farms and …

Tyson to Pay $2M for Pollution That Killed 100,000 Fish

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Compassion Over Killing’s groundbreaking investigation of Tyson Foods broiler breeder factories revealed egregious animal abuse, and drove unprecedented charges and convictions for cruelty to chickens. And Tyson, the nation’s largest chicken producer, is also taking a devastating toll on the planet. A recent report named the company the leading polluter of the Gulf of Mexico. When Tyson planned to construct a …

Report: Tyson Foods Leading Pollution in the Gulf of Mexico

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A new report names Tyson Foods — America’s largest meat company — the lead culprit in creating a horrifyingly large “dead zone” in the Gulf of Mexico. Tyson, which produces one out of every five pounds of meat in the US, has been repeatedly exposed for animal cruelty, too. A gutwrenching 2016 Compassion Over Killing investigation revealed horrific abuse at …

Exposed Again: Shameful Cruelty at Pilgrim’s Pride

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This week, a new multi-state investigative video, filmed behind the closed doors of Pilgrim’s Pride, was released by The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS). The video uncovers shocking cruelty to chickens at a Pilgrim’s-owned slaughter plant in Texas and a contract supplier in Georgia: birds are being punched, slammed into shackles, bludgeoned with a metal rod, and grabbed by …