Tropical Smoothie Cafe

Tropical Smoothie Cafe – Beyond Meat Benefits COK

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If you haven’t had a chance yet to try the 100% plant-based Beyond Meat — or if you have tried it and, like us, simply can’t get enough of it — you’re in luck! In addition to picking up some retail products on the shelves at Whole Foods Market, we’re excited to share the news that, starting this week, you can also find Beyond Meat on the menu at a national restaurant chain: Tropical Smoothie Café.

connecticut schools

Connecticut Schools Meat-Free to Celebrate US VegWeek

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Guilford Schools Chef Timothy Cipriano, Director of Food Services of Guilford Public Schools (GPS) in Guilford, Connecticut, touts an unusual and commendable specialty on his LinkedIn profile: “Working with kids to get them to appreciate good wholesome real food.” And that’s exactly why he was recruited by Guilford’s Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Paul Freeman, to ramp up the nutritional integrity of the GPS lunch program.

intern at cok

5 Reasons Why You NEED to Intern at COK!

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For some, summer is just about a few trips to the beach, the occasional cookout, or getting the perfect tan. But for a select few, it’s about how many leaflets you can distribute at the upcoming street festival or persuading an area restaurant to offer vegan options. If the latter sounds like you (or you want it to sound like you), then read on for these five reasons why you need to apply for a COK outreach internship:

Update: Whole Foods Severs Ties with CA Chicken Hatchery Exposed by COK

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Last week, COK — represented by the Animal Legal Defense Fund — filed a lawsuit against the California-based Cal-Cruz Hatcheries for unlawful business practices relating to undercover COK video footage documenting shockingly cruel conditions forced upon newly-hatched chicks. The complaint aims to stop the ongoing abuse of baby birds at this facility which hatches chicks destined to be slaughtered for their meat. 

Subway is Rolling Out All-Vegan Patty at Select Locations in Canada!

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Do you enjoy Subway’s Veggie Delight sandwich but wish you could feast on a “meatier” animal-friendly meal? We do, too — and if you live in Canada, now you can!

Compassion Over Killing’s campaign has been asking consumers to reach out to Subway, the world’s largest restaurant chain, urging the company to add vegan options — and we’re excited to share some good news: select Subway restaurants throughout Canada are starting to dish out an all-vegan patty, promoted as the “Totally Vegged” vegetable patty! And it’s 100% meat-, egg, and dairy-free (see ingredients below).