Raised & Rooted

Tyson’s “Plant-Based” News Isn’t Plant-Based At All

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After teasing a plant-based protein endeavor and telling Compassion Over Killing that it was “looking at plant protein as the future of protein,” Tyson Foods’ new Raised & Rooted brand falls short of the mark. The new brand, which Tyson is calling “plant-based” is, well, not plant-based at all. The brand’s debut products include nuggets that, while meatless, contain egg …

John Lewis

“Bad Ass Vegan” John Lewis Tells BOCA: Ditch Dairy!

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In celebration of National Hamburger Day, fitness expert and influencer John Lewis, also known as Bad Ass Vegan, is teaming up with Compassion Over Killing to kick dairy out of BOCA’s burgers for good.  BOCA is already moo-ving the brand in the right direction: Since the start of Compassion Over Killing’s campaign, and thanks to the nearly 50,000 of you …


Little Caesars to Test Plant-Based “Impossible Supreme” Pizza

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Today, Little Caesars announced a limited run of a new “Impossible Supreme” pizza using meatless sausage from Impossible Foods in Washington, Florida, and New Mexico. According to Chief Innovation Officer Ed Gleich, the new pizza will cater to the chain’s “loyal, mostly carnivorous fans” and is “likely just the beginning of plant-based menu items from Little Caesars.” Little Caesars is …

Moms Edie Falco and Kara Lang Romero Spread Kindness for Cows this Mother’s Day

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This Mother’s Day, actor Edie Falco (Nurse Jackie, The Sopranos) and Olympic soccer player Kara Lang Romero are teaming up as fellow moms for mother cows and their babies suffering in the dairy industry. JOIN IN: Send a quick, polite Facebook message to Nestlé urging it to ditch dehorning and churn out more vegan options TODAY (see our sample message below)! …

Will McDonald’s Join Vegan Competition with a Plant-Based Burger?

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Germany McDonald’s restaurants have launched their first ever all-vegan menu item: a “bleeding” vegan burger called the “Incredible burger,” made by Nestlé. This is the first vegan option for the chain in Germany, but around the world, McDonald’s has been beginning to slowly roll out vegan and vegetarian options. Everywhere, it would seem, but the United States. Meanwhile, the fast-food …

subway vegan

Could a Vegan Subway Option Be on the Way?

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This year, vegetarian brand MorningStar Farms took a big step and announced that it would be transitioning its frozen meat replacement line to become fully vegan!  Though the company began reducing its usage of eggs in 2008 after urging from Compassion Over Killing and Vegan Outreach, Vegan Outreach’s continuing campaign has convinced the company to ditch eggs entirely. The line …

Starbucks Pledges More Vegan Innovation at Shareholder Meeting

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After pledging to brew up a nationwide vegan food line one year ago, Starbucks seems to have stalled out. So Compassion Over Killing roasted the coffee chain’s lack of progress at its annual shareholder meeting today–prompting a commitment to continued vegan innovation. Last year, Starbucks told Compassion Over Killing at its annual meeting that a US-wide vegan food line was …

MorningStar Farms Going Fully Vegan!

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In a huge win for animals, leading meatless brand MorningStar Farms has announced that its entire product line will be fully vegan by 2021! The transition has already begun, with the company announcing three new vegan chick’n products last summer. With urging from Vegan Outreach and Compassion Over Killing, in 2008 MorningStar reduced its use of eggs by one million …

Celebrating 14 years at COK: A reflection of the past as we build a kinder future

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By Erica Meier, Executive Director The New Year offers an important opportunity for reflection, which can spark creative ideas for growth and forward progress. As we enter 2019, I’m reminded that this month, January 2019, marks my 14-year anniversary working at Compassion Over Killing!   I moved to the nation’s capital in 1999 and soon started volunteering at COK. At …