‘Cow’ Calls on Kraft Heinz to Kraft a Dairy-Free BOCA

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Today, Compassion Over Killing volunteers — including a costumed cow representing millions of real cows languishing in the dairy industry — took to the sidewalk outside Kraft Heinz’s annual shareholder meeting in Pittsburgh, letting the company’s investors know that consumers are moo-ving on from cruel dairy…and they want a vegan BOCA brand! Just ahead of today’s meeting, major investment bank …

Kraft Heinz Backing the ‘Future’ of Food: Plants!

Compassion Over Killing Staff Campaigns, Veg Eating

Compassion Over Killing is urging Kraft Heinz, the parent company of meatless BOCA Foods, to kraft a better BOCA by ditching cruel dairy to make the brand vegan. Quickly signed by nearly 44,000 people, our petition points out that BOCA is lagging behind its meatless competitors, such as Lightlife, that have gone vegan to meet consumer demand and move their product lines …


Kraft a Better BOCA: Ditch Dairy!

Compassion Over Killing Staff Campaigns, Veg Eating

The BOCA brand has become a household name at the forefront of the meatless market, appearing on store shelves and restaurants menus nationwide. Yet, BOCA, owned by Kraft Heinz, is lagging behind other vegetarian brands that have moved forward to meet the soaring consumer demand for dairy-free foods. The majority of BOCA’s burgers, bowls, and other products on grocery store …