NC Introduces Ag-Gag Bill: Here’s a Video They Don’t Want You to See

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This week, the North Carolina legislature introduced an ag-gag bill — again. Past attempts have thankfully failed, but this new threat of shutting down a powerful tool to expose the hidden horrors of animal agribusiness is very real. It’s a frightening reminder of how desperate the industry is to keep the American public in the dark. Here’s what they don’t …

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Powerful Documentary Blows Whistle on Chicken Industry

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Fusion TV just released an in-depth investigative documentary exposing the underbelly of the chicken industry – from the abuse and neglect forced upon animals to the unfair conditions endured by contractors to marketing claims that are misleading consumers. The documentary is based on Craig Watts, a North Carolina contract farmer who has raised chickens for Perdue since the early 1990’s, …

Ag-Gag UPDATE: Shedding Light on the Truth

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The 2015 legislation session is now well underway in many states, and with this brings the next desperate round of Ag-Gag bill attempts. In fact, Washington state just introduced such a bill  – it aims to criminalize undercover recordings on factory farms and slaughterhouses, similar in nature to laws previously passed in Utah, Idaho, and North Dakota. It’s no wonder that …

Utah is Now the Second State this Year to Enact Anti-Investigation “Ag Gag” Law

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Just a few short weeks after Iowa shamefully enacted an “ag-gag” bill in an effort to stop undercover investigations inside factory farms, Utah is now joining the list. Yesterday, Utah Governor Gary Herbert signed an “ag-gag” bill into law that makes “agriculture operation interference” a crime, punishable by up to one year in jail. What exactly is “agricultural operation interference”?