Reader’s Choice: COK’s Top 6 Blogs of 2018

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With your support, Compassion Over Killing has spent 2018 fighting for truth, justice, and compassion for all. Through our groundbreaking legal work, undercover investigations, corporate campaigns, and education and outreach, we’ve made huge strides for animals this year. This has included enormous victories, like pushing companies like BOCA to make the majority of their products vegan, demonstrations telling cruel corporations …

Compassion Over Killing

18 Ways Compassion Over Killing Changed the World for Animals in 2018

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Thanks to your unwavering support, it has truly been a landmark year for Compassion Over Killing. With you at our side, our undercover investigations are exposing the truth, our legal team is fighting for justice, and our corporate campaigns are changing menus and minds. To wrap up 2018 and get inspired for the new year ahead, we’re excited to share …

8 Easy Ways to Save Animals in 2018

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Goodbye 2017, hello to a brand new year! We hope you’re feeling as inspired and energized as we are to forge ahead into 2018. A new year means new hope for animals and many opportunities for us all to create change! As in 2017, there will be obstacles and challenges this year. But standing strong together today, we are building …