Summer 2011 DC Dining Guide Shows Veg Options Sprouting Up Everywhere

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VegDC vegetarian dining guide coverAs the nation’s capital, Washington D.C. may have a reputation of being a city filled with political figureheads, federal monuments, and way too many tourists snapping family photos in front of the White House. But once you get past the politics and historical landmarks, all you need is Compassion Over Killing’s (COK’s) new Summer/Fall 2011Vegetarian Guide to Washington DC and Surrounding Areas to realize that the nation’s capital is a veritable vegetarian haven.

Proud to Serve: Reaching out to Restaurants

Compassion Over Killing Staff Outreach, Veg Eating

Restaurant DecalA major factor preventing numerous people from seriously exploring veganism is simply convenience. Those who’ve had no experience with veganism often find the thought of finding vegan options daunting, and because of this, COK has worked closely with dozens of restaurants to create or expand their meat-free menus. Our goal is to help make vegan eating as easy as possibly by ensuring that animal-friendly options are widely available.

Nation’s Restaurant News Covers Growing Popularity of Meat-Free Dining

Compassion Over Killing Staff Veg Eating

NRN%202011%20cover%20Meatless%20Meals-CrThis week’s issue of Nation’s Restaurant News, considered one of the leading foodservice industry trade publications, features a ground-breaking cover story—“Meatless Menus”—highlighting the increasing popularity and growing success of vegetarian and veg-friendly eateries across the U.S.

As the author Lisa Jennings explains, while vegetarians and vegans may represent a relatively small percentage of the
overall American population, a growing number of restaurants and food service providers are “convinced there is a broad audience ready to embrace plant-based dining.”

One Month Later: Pita Pit Declares its New Vegan Patty a Success!

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pitapit-promo-240x197.jpgOn May 9, we announced that after working with Compassion Over Killing, Pita Pit, a national quick-service sandwich chain with more than 100 locations, started offering a new vegan black bean patty on all of its menus. We’ve got even more good news to share: in just four short weeks since the launch of this vegan patty, the company considers it a huge hit!   

Paul Erwin, Chief Financial Executive of Pita Pit told COK, “We know that a growing number of our customers – and consumers everywhere – are looking for delicious and nutritious heart-healthy options and are also increasingly concerned about animal welfare issues. That’s why we’re excited to introduce a hearty all-vegan black bean patty to our menus nationwide.”