New Documentary: Got the Facts on Milk?

Compassion Over Killing Staff Health

gotthefactson%20milk-225x335.jpgIf you’re like most Americans, chances are you grew up drinking lots of milk. In fact, you were probably taught that you need milk for strong bones and teeth. What you might not have learned is that the health benefits of cow’s milk are often overrated — and, what’s worse, dairy consumption has been shown to actually be harmful to our bodies.   


Bill Clinton on Heart-Healthy Eating: No Meat, No Milk, No Eggs

Compassion Over Killing Staff Health

bill%20-%20no%20meat%20-%20grist-280x186Looking back at his days in the White House, former President Bill Clinton is remembered for many things—his love of hamburgers and doughnuts being one of them. Fast forward to 2011, and in a one-hour special airing this Sunday on CNN, Clinton talks with Dr. Sanjay Gupta about his dietary transformation to vegan eating, explaining: “I like the vegetables, the fruits, the beans, the stuff I eat now.”