flooded factory farm in hurricane florence

Shocking Before & After Hurricane Florence Photos Show Devastation on Factory Farms

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Days after Hurricane Florence, North Carolina continues to struggle to recover. And as predicted, the storm’s impact has been devastating, particularly for vulnerable communities near factory farms located within the Cape Fear River watershed. As record rainfall flooded farms, Florence’s death toll continues to rise. So far the storm has claimed the lives of an estimated 5,500 pigs and 3.4 …

factory farm

Factory Farms Make Animals, People, and the Environment Sick

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Recently, a poultry farm in Montgomery County, Maryland that sold both meat and eggs was shut down for animal cruelty and filthy conditions. These birds were suffering from various medical conditions and had evidently been denied veterinary care. After officials discovered the state of the farm, over 100 chickens were killed to alleviate horrific suffering and unsafe medical conditions. This …

Hurricane Florence Threatens Millions of Human and Animal Lives

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Animals at risk As Hurricane Florence threatens east coast communities, people and their companion animals are evacuating. But in North Carolina, millions of lives remain at risk. Pigs, birds, and cows will be subject to flooding, winds, and overall extremely dangerous conditions. In the state of North Carolina alone, farmed pigs nearly outnumber people. There are currently upwards of 9 …

plant powered planet protectors

Plant-Powered Planet Protectors March in San Francisco

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This Saturday, Compassion Over Killing marched for the planet in the San Francisco Rise for Climate, Jobs, and Justice with a coalition of groups including Plant Based Foods Association, Climate Friendly Agriculture Alliance, The Humane League, V-Dog, Center for Biological Diversity, and many more. Together, these organizations marched under a united banner: the Plant-Powered Planet Protectors, or P4. Our empowering …

world environment day

World Environment Day: How You Can Protect the Earth

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June 5 annually marks the United Nations’ World Environment Day, an effort to bring attention to environmental issues and inspire people to act locally to protect the planet. This year’s important theme is plastic pollution, which was chosen by the 2018 host country, India. Our excessive one-use consumption of plastic is harming our planet and those who inhabit it. Plastic …

Biggest VegWeek Ever: More than 9K People Take the VegPledge

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VegWeek 2018 has been a sweet and savory success, inspiring more people than ever — a record-breaking 9,300 VegPledgers — to explore the flavorful and fun world of plant-based eating for at least seven days! Thanks to our nearly 600 recruiters who empowered friends and family to take the VegPledge, compassionate celebrity Endorsers, our incredible Sponsors and Partners, a bright …

Here’s How YOU Can Celebrate Earth (Every) Day!

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It’s Earth Week – and almost Earth Day (April 22)! How are you celebrating our planetary home this week? While there are many important ways for us to protect the planet, from recycling, to saying no to single-use plastic and more – there’s one simple step we can take to stand up for the earth every time we sit down …

VegWeek Kicks Off Today, with Celebrities like Alicia Silverstone Inspiring Thousands to Take the VegPledge

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VegWeek 2018 is now officially underway — and the 7-Day VegPledge Challenge is on! More than 8,000 people including pro-plant celebrities, athletes, and other world-changers are exploring and enjoying the many flavors and fun of plant-based eating from April 16-22. VegWeek’s message is simple yet impactful: Together, we can change the world one week at a time! Hosted by Compassion …

Study: A Vegan U.S. Could Feed 350 Million More People

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Vegan eating can have a powerful, positive impact not only on animals and the planet, but on our health, too.  And research finds that a shift toward plant-based foods can also fight hunger. A new study published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences found that if the United States went vegan, it could feed millions more people, while the …