Pizza Hut UK Takes a Slice Out of Competition with Vegan Menu

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Pizza Hut UK will now have a full vegan menu with five vegan pizzas featuring Violife vegan cheese after seeing the sizzling demand for dairy-free! The exciting news comes on the heels of the chain offering a vegan Jack ‘n’ Cheese pizza as a Veganuary special and seeing pies fly out of stores before making the popular pizza a permanent …

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Owner of Tyson-Contracted Factory Farm Charged with Animal Cruelty, Enters Plea Agreement

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After a Compassion Over Killing hidden-camera investigation uncovered heartbreaking abuse to birds at Atlantic Farms, a Virginia factory farm contracted by Tyson Foods, the nation’s largest chicken producer, our evidence was turned over to authorities, who promptly investigated. The video reveals birds being violently kicked, slammed, thrown, and run over and crushed to death by forklifts. Other birds were killed …

COK’s Irina Anta Named Co-Chair of American Bar Association’s Animals in Agriculture Subcommittee

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From the courtrooms to the court of public opinion, Compassion Over Killing’s dedicated legal team tirelessly defends animals and strives for justice. Now, Irina Anta, COK Counsel, will be advocating for farmed animals in a new role in addition to her innovative work at COK. Irina has just been appointed as Co-Chair of the Animals in Agriculture Subcommittee of the …

Lightlife Serves Up A ‘Bleeding’ Vegan Burger

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Consumers are increasingly filling their shopping carts with vegan options, and companies are recognizing this soaring demand and getting in on the competition in the meat-free market with exciting new products — including by serving up more and more innovative plant-powered patties. Brands like Beyond Meat have created buzz among pre-vegan and vegan eaters alike with “bleeding” burgers. Now, Lightlife …

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Papa John’s to Offer Vegan Cheese Pizza in UK

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The prediction that 2019 will be the “year of the vegan” seems to be coming true: Today, UK headlines are sizzling with the news that pizza giant Papa John’s may soon be dishing out vegan cheese nationwide! According to Plant Based News, a petition by Animal Aid and Vegan Food UK signed by 30,000 people prompted Papa John’s UK to …

Celebrating 14 years at COK: A reflection of the past as we build a kinder future

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By Erica Meier, Executive Director The New Year offers an important opportunity for reflection, which can spark creative ideas for growth and forward progress. As we enter 2019, I’m reminded that this month, January 2019, marks my 14-year anniversary working at Compassion Over Killing!   I moved to the nation’s capital in 1999 and soon started volunteering at COK. At …

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COK and Students Show Dunkin’ How Easy a Vegan Donut Would Be

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Compassion Over Killing teamed up with University of Central Florida student group, Knights for Animal Rights, to show Dunkin’ just how easy and tasty vegan donuts can be — with a vegan donut feed-in right outside of Dunkin’! Dunkin’ has confirmed to COK that it’s testing vegan donut recipes, so we showed the chain how simple this menu addition would be! …

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Poultry Plants Put Food Safety at Risk Under Reckless High-Speed Slaughter

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In November of 2018, a gut-wrenching video by a Compassion Over Killing investigator revealed to millions of consumers the truth behind the USDA’s high-speed chicken slaughter program, which provides plants with waivers allowing them to increase already dangerously fast kill line speeds from 140 to 175 birds per minute—nearly three birds every second. A requirement of this waiver is that …

Tell FDA Not to Help Big Dairy Squash Plant-Based Competition

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As the dairy industry flexes its lobbying muscle to urge the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) to restrict plant-based companies from labeling their products “milk,” “cheese,” and “yogurt,” it seems the federal agency is bowing to industry pressure. The FDA is currently seeking public comments on this issue. Today, National Milk Day, speak out to urge the FDA not to …