Ground-Breaking News: Federal Law Banning Barren Battery Cages & Mandating Production-Method Labels on Egg Cartons to be Introduced

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compassion over killing investigation egg factory farmIn an historic agreement reached today by the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) and the United Egg Producers (UEP), these long-time adversaries will work cooperatively to enact the first-ever federal law related
to the treatment of chickens. It would also be the first federal law related to the on-farm treatment of animals raised for food. 

Animal Welfare

Animal Welfare Labels on Egg Cartons: Is the Industry Scrambling the Truth?

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whats-inside-your-egg-carton-fullsize-31Walk into any grocery store in the United States today, and you’ll likely find cartons of eggs bearing a variety of advertising schemes ranging from images of happy hens roaming around outside to claims such as “animal friendly.”

Surprisingly though, what consumers see or read on the outside of an egg carton doesn’t necessarily represent how the hens who laid those
eggs were treated. In fact, while most egg laying hens in the US spend their lives overcrowded inside barren wire cages, Compassion Over Killing has documented several cases of explicit and implied claims on egg cartons across the country that imply a higher level of animal care than is actually the case.

One Month Later: Pita Pit Declares its New Vegan Patty a Success!

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pitapit-promo-240x197.jpgOn May 9, we announced that after working with Compassion Over Killing, Pita Pit, a national quick-service sandwich chain with more than 100 locations, started offering a new vegan black bean patty on all of its menus. We’ve got even more good news to share: in just four short weeks since the launch of this vegan patty, the company considers it a huge hit!   

Paul Erwin, Chief Financial Executive of Pita Pit told COK, “We know that a growing number of our customers – and consumers everywhere – are looking for delicious and nutritious heart-healthy options and are also increasingly concerned about animal welfare issues. That’s why we’re excited to introduce a hearty all-vegan black bean patty to our menus nationwide.” 

June 3 is National (Vegan) Donut Day!

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National Donut Day was first declared in 1938 and has been celebrated on the first Friday in June ever since. Many donut shops around the country, including several Dunkin’ Donuts locations, are giving away free donuts to customers today. Unfortunately, all of the donuts served at Dunkin’ Donuts are made with eggs and dairy products from animals forced to endure miserable conditions on massive and mechanized factory farms. Watch COK’s undercover video inside one of Dunkin’ Donuts egg suppliers to learn more.

You can put a compassionate twist on this food-related holiday by visiting today to urge the world’s largest coffee and baked goods chain to offer vegan options. Then check out this this handy vegan donut map to see how easy it is to find–and indulge in–delicious, cruelty-free sweets!

VegWeek 2011: Federal, State, and Local Officials Take 7-Day Veg Pledge

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VegWeek 2011For the third year in a row, Compassion Over Killing hosted VegWeek in April, a week-long celebration encouraging others to take 7-day veg pledge as a simple, yet effective way, to help protect their health, the planet and animals.

Launched in 2009 in our hometown of Takoma Park, MD, our  first-ever VegWeek was inspired by Md. Senator Jamie Raskin and officially recognized through a Mayoral Proclamation. Sen. Raskin was the first person to sign up for our one-week veg pledge—and it’s a pledge he’s kept to this day!

Subway Becomes the Largest Restaurant Chain in the World

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WeLoveSubway.comAt the end of last year, Subway became the world’s largest restaurant chain, beating out McDonald’s by just over 1,000 stores.

For many vegans, the “Veggie Delight” is a convenient and affordable dining option—when dashing out to lunch, for a quick bite while traveling, or even for parties.

And while it’s great to have this option, oftentimes, vegans, vegetarians, and those looking for a more healthful alternative are left wanting something “meatier” to go with their sandwich, such as vegetarian turkey, chicken, or ham slices.